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There is nothing "stunning" about this pitiful excuse to cash in on the Metal Gear name by making a game that has nothing at all to do with Metal Gear. It should've been a new IP but Kojima has decided to finally kill it off by making a bunch of crappy rehashes and outsourcing his games to companies who make mediocre games.

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No, it looks like a Call of Duty clone. It's not even a tactical shooter anymore now that they casualized it. Even GRAW has more online modes than this game. Of course the last good GR game was GR2 so leave it to Ubisoft to ruin their franchises. It also doesn't help that they're using that garbage Conviction engine.

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I'm sure it will be mediocre just like all of their other games.

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So basically, they're charging you to play an advertisement. I'm surprised it's not a 360 exclusive since they love shoving ads in your face even if you're a paying customer.

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They just gave me another reason to avoid the game.

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If it's not Demon's Souls 2 then I don't care.

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In other words, IGN gave it a 3 like everything else.

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I'd bang Rainbow Dash.

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It's not like there's anything else to do on the Xbox 360 considering it has no games.

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It's a Rockstar game and all of their games this gen have sucked (aside from maybe Red Dead Redemption but that wasn't from Rockstar North). A Max Payne game from Rockstar will suck just as much (so will GTA5 as it will be nothing but a GTA4 rehash anyways and that game was garbage too).

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Klei Entertainment

That right there is enough to make me not want it.

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Mass Effect is garbage in general. How could you not expect a terrible ending when even the first game sucked?

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He's just mad cause all his games flop now compared to what he did at Capcom. Bayonetta had tons of ads and still flopped since it released at the same time as Darksiders (which did much better).

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Yes, they added a story (and a good one this time) as the writer is Masato Kato.

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I'm a hardcore fan and I have more problems with DOA5 than this game. Of course, people who only started with Ninja Gaiden on Xbox are people who I wouldn't consider "hardcore fans" anyways.

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I think you'd have to be a retard to think that Heavy Rain is unpredictable (even their poorly placed plotholes gave it away not to mention you can't really kill EVERYBODY which was another dead giveaway). I mean even the American boxart for the game gave away the ending and that pretty much made my theory solid so when the ending came it wasn't a shock or a mystery. My reaction at the end of the game was "I knew it..." and overall it was disappointing. Even Indigo Proph...

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I didn't care for Heavy Rain and its predictable story line (same for their characters) but I did like what I've seen of this. They definitely need to make this into a game considering that small demo had more emotion than all of Heavy Rain put together.

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The second game really was ass. The first game was ok but this game just ruined everything.

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I don't care about any of those games. They're all easily a miss. Nothing good releases this April (ok, well maybe nothing aside from The House of the Dead 4 but I'm not getting that).

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