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So Blizzard gets a pass?

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Konami is behind it, they deserve zero recognition. The amount of talent they squandered and let go is shocking. Most of their inconic IPs are hollow shells! Silent Hill, Castlevania, Suikoden, Bomberman etc. The only game they gets decent sales from is PES.

It’s a metal gear game only by name because it wouldn’t sell otherwise and with always online and MT, no thanks!

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Maybe they'll add error 37 as a DLC character.

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Nice try justifying your distaste for the Switch and almost justify piracy on it because Nintendo is different. File size has nothing to do with it. PS4 and Xbox One CFW is very limited in what they can do hence the next to no piracy levels on those systems for the time being.

If there was a 100% working CFW you bet people would be downloading games for it regardless of size. In case you didn’t know highspeed internet is a thing that exists.

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PUBG didn’t even need marketing behind it, a lot of twitch streamers and youtubers got into it and it went viral through their fan base. Lawbreakers can’t blame the game. This isn’t some Overwatch and Battleborn release situation.

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Remember when people said how things were only cosmetic? Publishers took that 5 steps forward and started screwing with progression and content.

Regardless of it being glimmer or not, Bungie needs to get their shit together. Just because this was in D1 doesn’t means it’s ok. Same shit when they gated vanilla content in D1 after dlc dropped, they tried the same BS in D2 and the community revolted. Any kind of system that limits players’ rewards and experience by any publishe...

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AAA publishers crying poverty, the smallest violin playing for them right now. They’ll fix he other ways to screw gamers because they couldn’t get away with gambling.

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Yes, corporations are made up of people, but they put their shareholder first and in EAs case with blatant disregard for the industry and gamers. Ever since Ultimate Team they saw how easy they could strip away core mechanics and systems and add another layer to make even more money in the worst possible way.

I don’t care about the fanboy arguments because you can’t argue with fanboys, they’ll stand up for whatever they believe not matter how wrong something is!

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We get it, you have a hard on for Forza and micro transactions. I find it funny that you point out metacritic scores between the two games but when it comes to sales you totally want to ignore it.

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You expect them to keep the servers running for PS3 games when they don't have the player base still playing it. I'm surprised the online is actually still running after all these years.

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It's not complicated, if a game is good enough it will sell which Cuphead clearly has and still is. The "economics" behind what MS is talking about is if they think it is worth investing in and if it will sell. Its clear at this point that the PC sales out-performed the Xbox sales. The PC market is much bigger than the console market, so I'd say even if it was a Sony and PC release the numbers would be similar to what they are now.

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Studio MDHR published and developed the game. Either they decided it was easier to publish the title on Windows and Xbox, or MS offered money and support for it to be developed on their platform, but I am not sure. Regardless, they self-published the game.

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Great to hear these numbers. Thoroughly enjoyed the game, regardless of its difficulty. This is the type of game that would compliment the Switch perfectly.

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Doesn't matter who makes the game, if EA involved then they'll find a way to screw with things. Bioware has been on a downward spiral, regardless of which team makes what games, thanks to EA. I won't be surprised if they will go the same route as Visceral games in the future.

I really want Anthem to succeed and be they presented at E3 that will offer a great experience which Destiny 2 should have, but with EA in control, I will wait and just ignore all the hype...

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We admit that we couldn't get away with it. Bungie also made a non-apologetic statement regarding the XP throttling. It was more like sorry you caught us. They aren't mistakes if what they do in intentional to screw over its player base.

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Nothing wrong with some mobile games. For me my mobile game f2p game has been Fire Emblem Heroes although it doesn't make the list.

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Publishers out there, if you want bonus good guy points and PR, offer some free DLC when your game launches, even if it's something simple.

Tecmo Koei gave all Nioh players free golden armor sets soon after the game launched on the PS4 as a thankful for it's success.

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People got their money's worth by doing the same boring things over and over again before they realized Bungie sold then a hollow products that is paper thin. Consumers bought into the hype(again) thinking Bungie actually learnt from their mistakes in D1, but that is too much to ask.

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The only thing good about it is the visuals and art design when you first experience it.

Curse of Osiris has paper thin content for what’s on offer. It doesn’t fix the major problems that still plague the game. The asking price is also way too high for the amount of content, some of which is recycled and old gear from D1. Then locking the prestige raid which was available to everyone pre Osiris is slap in the face. PC players got the game late, so imagine having the presti...

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