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Not Surprised, she has a bigger Penis than Dirk Diggler

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Didn't take long for the race card... Moron

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Quit watching CNN, you might learn something

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ruined by SJW's - Seems not only have they destroyed Hollywood, they are intent on destroying gaming

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Weren't Respawn owned by Activision and were screwed over?

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the phrase "cultural appropriation" needs banning, bloody middle class white women femtards with nothing to do other than find causes to mo about . I was always taught it was good to embrace other cultures

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Season passes, micro transactions and dlc it seems as though the true cost of a game is near £90, a bloody scandal if u ask me

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This is what happens when you get into bed with Activision,

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I won e3 because I can play any of the games shown, it's one the positives of not been a fan douche

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I think both shows killed it this time round, all we got was games instead of.the usual crap about sales and what have you, it's times like this that I feel sorry for fanboys who limit them selves to one console because of some misguided loyalty, as an owner of both I will have the best.of both worlds and my experience with my gaming will be alot more fulfilled

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Very mature comment you must be proud

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And the video game industry gets more and more like Hollywood every day

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Please elaborate on what master pieces have Sony released this gen this far? Not trolling, just wanting an answer

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And let's completely miss out the minor frame rate issues on ps4, no one wins apart from capcom as they take people's hard earned cash for a game that has been released several times before

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The games play same so with the superior frame rate and control pad is canbe argued that the Xbox has the better version

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If you like gaming and you can afford then more fool you if you don't buy one just because it's a Ms product

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Resolution or frame rate, which is more important? Agree for res, disagree for frame rate

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