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Don't see why this is even news. I would expect both sides have no interest in doing business with one another. Even then if Microsoft wanted to buy Platinum games they would just need to have enough zeroes on the check. If Microsoft wants a Japanese developer I would think their focus would be on something bigger like a Sega, Capcom, or Konami.

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I prefer replaceable batteries personally. I've been using rechargeable AAs in my XB1 controller and its worked great for me. I like have charged batteries on deck that I can replace and continue playing wireless. If I was the kinda person that always plugged my controllers in when I'm not playing so it was always charged then I would probably prefer the built-in option like on the DS4 controller.

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Sony's E3 had little that interested me. The last of us 2 and Resident Evil 2 were the only games that I was interested in during that whole conference which was very boring to me to put it lightly. The demos of Ghosts of Tsushima and Spider-man weren't interesting to me at all. That is all well and good Sony showed "more" exclusives but if those games I have no interest in, no way I can say Sony won E3. Hell I actually enjoyed Ubisoft and Bethesda more then Sony's. Actu...

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That is all well and good that you liked it. That doesn't change the fact that I was not interested in majority of the games shown on Sony's conference.

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Only game that impressed me from Sony's conference was The last of Us 2 and Resident Evil 2. For me Microsoft's conference showed more games that interest me then Sony's.

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Had they done 20% on new games I would be all over it

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Probably because many of them weren't born to remember when Toy Story and PS2 was a thing.

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I would gladly take a Metal Gear Solid remade in the fox engine and open world like the Phantom Pain.

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Hope the game is successful their sake. That is quite the gamble.

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I'm 35 and still play games. In some ways I play more now because I make way more money now then I did at 25.

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Not a big deal to me, I have a 5TB external hard drive.

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You can disagree with Phil Spencer. But you can't disagree with numbers. He is going by numbers not emotions. For 2016 in the US on XB1 and PS4 there was one single player only game in the top 10 games sold and that was Final Fantasy XV. The rest all multiplayer focused games. Granted games like GTAV, CoD, and Battlefield had a single player campaign but its to see that the primary force of those games is the multiplayer.

I am personally more into single player then mu...

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I'll buy it at $499 day one. But I think its a bad price if they want move consoles. I'm a pretty big xbox fan and if this holds true. I think its going to a tough holiday for microsoft in terms of console sales. Don't know if a $199 XB1s could be a difference maker for this holiday season.

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I had the opposite reaction. I went and fired up RDR and was impressed at how it looked considering how old it was. It could also be age as well, when I was in my early and mid 20s I had a tough time with old games because they looked terrible. I couldn't play the Wii because I couldn't tolerate a 480p image. Now as long as the games image is ok I can usually enjoy it. For me going back and playing 360 on a 1080p or 4k TV is much easier to stomach then trying to play something that is...

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I guess its only gaming that extra features are bad. Whats old to them could be new to someone else. I never played Blue Dragon so its new to me, and I would rather play it on my Xbox One that is already in my entertainment center. Are there people yelling from the mountain top Netflix should have only new content. If someone wanted to watch those old shows or movies they should've recorded it on VHS when it came out?

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I have surprisingly played more 360 titles on my XB1 then initially thought I would. Its been a nice feature for me. For one its much easier to play all my XB1 and 360 titles on my XB1 with my elite controller. Once I got an XB1 the 360 was removed my entertainment center. Its also given me the opportunity to go back and play games I didn't get around to playing last generation. I played Lost Odyssey for the first last year when it became backwards compatible and it was an amazing game. I...

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I think it will be $399 for 1TB and possibly $499 for 2TB. I think anything over $499 would be disaster for scorpio.

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Having just signed up for the trial its a good start. Main problem is I have most of the big titles. Don't know how long I'll stay subscribed.

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I personally liked the Division. It kept me engaged longer then Destiny. My main complaint is early content was sparse. I thought the Dark Zone was cool but I thought there should've been more things to make it more entertaining. After a few days of running around the dark zone started to get boring. I think cadence of content was the biggest overall problem. It was good enough for me to buy the sequel if there is one in the future.

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I'm already on board all i care about is a price and date for scorpio.

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