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In the meantime, nintendo laughs all the way to the bank. They just need to start their direct with «itsAMe maaaarioooo» or a blade swinging from a boy and its all win win win. 🎉😄 Seriously though, both Microsoft and Sony needs to up their game on first party games… its to much focus on AAA/high fidelity, need more focus on actual gameplay, mechanics that swooops people to the screen for hours.
Microsoft did a good job yesterday, but i felt like i saw the s...

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I like mobile games, but the problem for me is that «free games» usually has alot of p2w or other microtransaction connected to them. LoL, Hearthstone, civ, fm etc is great on iPad 😊 Would love to see rise of kingdoms etc Get rid of p2w formula.

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Normally blizzard would Get away with all their decisions, but it seems people are starting to wake up and getting tired of microtransactions, p2w, false advertisements, rushed bad quality games etc. Hopefully db4 keeps on crashing.. Even if they manage to give out a decent gaming experience some day, their store with option to buy «pretty» gear and mounts is disgusting. Thats stuff your supposed to Get for free in game while playing the game and trying to achieve greatness. Talk ab...

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If a socom arrives, i hope they mess it up. I sold my ps5 and socom is the only game that could Force me to buy a ps5 again. 😅 Maybe hope for a PC release, that would help.

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I just bought a second hand pc with 3070, Ryzen 9 5900x, 32gb ram, 2tb 4.0pci ssd etc, for 1/3 of the price they want for 4xxx Pc’s. Unless you are a esport pro/wannabe, i would stay far away from todays 4xxx pc’s and save alot of money, and still Get ultra/high experience on everything with 4K without a problem with a used 3xxx pc.

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I agree that Nintendo switch isnt a full ordinary stationary console, since its main computing system is in the handheld, but i would say the right term is hybrid, not handheld. My guess is also that We will see more of hybrid consoles in the future. Maybe Microsoft first 🤔

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I have recently bought a ps5 and ps portal. Im a happy dad. 🏆🙌

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Would be Cool with a open World game that lives its own life. Each player gets its own unique experience of the game with AI that develops based on choises made in the game, and maybe Even develops outside on its own straight away when the game starts. Scary, but would be interesting.

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I have to be honest and say that i expect 4k60fps from a game like this. I had already decided that im gonna wait with buying it until it comes on 30-50% sale like all capcom and ubisoft games do within short time, but Hopefully they have done some updates by then so its 50-60fps instead.

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Yes it has a future. Would love to see a hybrid like Nintendo. With full hardware spec.

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Enjoyed the presentation. Ok bunch of games, more will Come 😊

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All those games are good for me and my family. Nice month 😊 And not long before diablo arrives also 😃

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Cool! Gonna try it out 😊

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Bluey! Nice! Been waiting for a sale, my daughter is a huge fan. Perfect timing.

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Helldivers and granblue will not be exclusives for long.
And why care so much about exclusives on a plattform if its mostly junk.
As i see it, both Microsoft and Sony is equally good at getting good exclusives out, One just have more junk in the trunk to create a fake quality perception.
Nintendo is the only One that manages to give out quality games at a large scale over and over again.
Microsoft atleast pushes other aspects of gaming with gamers at fo...

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Their releases is 0.0001% of the market, and their track record dosent indicate that those type of games will be anything special. I just see more games thats not worth looking at, waste of time and resources. Im not a hater, i have had all PlayStation consoles, and loved Socom before they destroyed it with Socom 4. I just dont see how this is a valuble Arguement for Sony doing so good ? I bet all these games will Come and vanish in no time, people will still play 1 of the 1000 other options ...

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Games cost 80$ 25 years ago. And the games had less content and could easily have alot of bugs and scratches. So, my guess is that people today are complaining because of greed and afraid of missing the pop bubble. There is so many good games released today, and so many choises, and people want it all and now.. its triggered more by free games with microtransactions. And the society is becoming more and more addicted to consume easy at hand entertainment.
70$ is fair, but would be wi...

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Hope they will Keep on releasing consoles. I Like Xbox plattform better than the direction Sony has taken. Maybe they can buy the socom series from Sony also, and make it great again.

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I learned that i have a console with awesome games, and it will just be more awesome. And other plattforms will Get some of that fun 😊 Its a great time to be a gamer ! 😃

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Dont understand all the frustration and hate against Microsoft. I feel like they are taking gaming in a good direction and offer alot of great content on a good plattform. Each to its own, im gonna Keep on enjoying being a gamer these days, no point engaging in s….. rivalry stuff. Play on whatever makes you happy.

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