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He also said it's going to pretty much be in the same vein as TES/Fallout but with a different setting. If you liked those games I imagine you should like Starfield.

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Or viral

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I suppose it's a bigger deal for console players.

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Quake 3 was basically the original Quake with slower gameplay so I don't know why you're implying it was so fast.

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Or you know maybe scores are entirely subjective.

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Yeah it's definitely annoying. I had that issue with the first Mass Effect on PC. DRM sometimes prevented the game from booting or I think it even kicked me out of the game while I was playing sometimes. There's something very wrong when a software's security prevents you from using the software you 100% legally purchased.

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As a "victim" of corporate acquisitions : no it is not healthy. It is the absolute opposite of healthy. It's an abomination that shouldn't be allowed to continue. It's basically a slow-processed assimilation into the greater whole. Essentially all they're doing is acquiring IPs. The employees they get as a result is just an added bonus to them.

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Yeah I think I'd rather play the PSP remakes. They looked a lot better than the new remakes.

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They're horrendous. Also the remakes have new sprites. They're not the originals.

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I mean the games are still 12-18$ each. They're remaking them from scratch with new features, graphics and a remastered soundtrack. It could have been a better deal sure but I wasn't expecting them to sell each game 5$ either.

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Yeah no it's super easy to emulate I'm not sure where you got that from.

And I think they said it doesn't come with any of the extras they added to other ports. There may be exceptions (hopefully.)

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I don't know. Sure it looks 100x better than the mobile/steam ports but FF1, 2 and 4 on PSP looked a lot better than that. IV even had the after years and the interlude (the interlude is okay but nothing mindblowing. Still though)

So yeah I feel like we're downgrading in the graphics department. I sort of wished they would at least have redrawn all games to fit VI's style.

I'm looking forward to FFIII though. Finally a 2D re-release.

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The devs also have to go through more hoops to add new features. It has to be carefully designed so that it doesn't break the gameplay balance and it also needs to meet higher standards of quality so that new assets/features work seamlessly with the rest of the content. And as Trickstet said it also has to be tested a lot more.

Modders on the other hand usually don't care about all that. If people complain about gameplay balance? Meh just don't install the mod. ...

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In his position he has to play nice or it could very well blow up in his face. It's not like you or me in the comment section of N4G. He can't say what he means. He can't tell PS owners to **** off or rub it in their faces. If he did then he runs the risk of angering potential consumers. If he stays nice but says "I'm not sorry" then you'll see headlines "Pete Hines not sorry that Starfield is not on Playstation" and essentially the same thing will happ...

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But it's not an Xbox exclusive since it's also on PC. Either I don't understand the meaning of exclusivity anymore or console gamers live in some sort of weird wonderland where things have different meanings.

I also don't see what's good about it being only on Xbox and PC. I don't personally mind since I'll be playing on PC but I mean who gives a **** if people on PS5 get to play it or not? Why should anyone rejoice? I just don't get it.

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Online requirements for single player games definitely need to gtfo. Live service I still think could be done well but I haven't seen anyone pull it off yet.

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Of course they knew. I'm a dev myself and I can tell you from experience that suits don't give a crap when a dev tells them software isn't ready and/or is broken. Worst thing is when there is backlash they'll play the ignorance card and try to blame it on the devs.

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Spoiler alert : Texures actually *are* litterally 2D

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Agreed. Apparently everyone here is an investor.

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I'm not sure what you're getting so worked up about. It only states that the prototype works on a PS3. Which is an interesting fact I think.

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