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@ foxtrot

If you played the game you would know those memes you posted are silly.

*spoiler alert*

First meme. I’ll admit it was awkward watching that scene. Mainly because as the player controlling Abby its natural to try and relate to the character. But being a straight male I could not relate to that scene (as Abby). However, I am aware that the awkwardness derives from my own preferences and am able to detach myself from the characte...

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@ angelicicediamond

When you do not know something, what’s the best course of action? You make educated guesses, based on research and experience. Though it’s true we don’t know if future PlayStation titles will be good, at the very least it’s a safe assumption based on research and experience, for most. It seems at this point Xbox gamers are relying on leaps of faith and hope.

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Isn’t there a video showing the Witcher 3 load in like 10 seconds for PS5 and like 26 seconds for the Series X? Last gen games are running emulated on both consoles, so there are bound to be games that run better on one or the other.

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People: "Why get a cheap TV, with less features. Save up for a decent 4K TV."

Same people: "Why not get the cheap console, with less features. No need to save up for the better console."

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@ darthv72

It looks like those faceplates were customized from existing faceplates (initially produced by Microsoft or authorized channels). What this website was doing was making and selling an item that’s patent pending (will most likely get issued), without Sony’s permission. If you want to sell custom plates, you have to first secure the plate legally, then customize it, then sell it. Or you can get licensed to produce the plates legally and sell them. They did neither....

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@ king_noctis

Don't forget about Halo Infinite in all its full 4K glory lol.

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@ raidernation

Metacritic does not merely aggregate scores, they weigh them too. This means they have a level of accountability in the score, as they decide which reviews get more weight than others. They can get it “wrong” by weighing reviews unfairly, and since they are not transparent about the weight of a score, there is no way to tell. It would be better, in my opinion, if they just aggregated scores. If a review is credible enough for them to count it, then it should ...

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@ whitbyfox

“I bet you don’t find it funny how Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are rated higher than any PS4 or PC game in history without any need for 4K.”

I mean, RDR2 and GTA5 are both PS4/Xbox One/PC games and are rated the same as Odyssey and BoTW, so the above statement is incorrect.

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@ zhipp

I stand corrected, three months ago Microsoft confirmed a guaranteed I/O of 2.4 GB/s raw. Though that’s still about 57% slower than 5.5 GB/s raw. The PS5 SSD controller has 12 channels which allows for more data to be processed in a given time vs. many SSDs, since most use up to 8 channels. I’m curious how many channels are in the Series X SSD controller; I’m not able to locate that info, so perhaps you can share that info with me (I was under the impression it has ...

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Microsoft has announced the speed of their SSD, 2.4 GB/s raw, which is the same as off the shelf SSDs. And since they made no announcement of them removing I/O bottlenecks completely like Sony has, it’s quite likely the SSD will experience a loss in speeds that almost all SSDs have in real world usage (can be as high as 60-80%). It’s highly likely the load speeds will be much less than half that of the PS5. Not to mention there will be other benefits of a mu...

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@ gamern

It depends on the type of game you are playing. Some games your fingers are on the thumb sticks more than the buttons, I.e. FPS games where the left stick controls the character and the right stick controls the camera (which you are constantly moving). So In that instance, shouldn’t the left thumb match where your right thumb is mostly, which is on the analog stick. One could use your own point against you. Personally I don’t think the layout makes a difference as ...

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Seems Microsoft is so concerned with their back catalogue from the last two generations that they forgot to make good AAA games this generation. Forza is their only saving grace, even Halo and Gears took hits on their quality (there was a time when those franchises got over 90 ratings). But who needs new games when you can play old games over and over. While Sony has been fostering talent within their studios and releasing high quality games, Microsoft has been squand...

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Based on your comment, you have zero understanding about how the SSDs function. It is not merely NAND flash storage that you see in tablets or even other SSDs on the market for that matter.

First of all you are incorrect in stating the CPU fetches the data from the NAND flash and compresses/decompressed it. The CPU requests the data from the flash controller, which in turn gets the data from the NAND flash (by the time the CPU gets data it is al...

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Getting exotics are not meant to be exciting in Destiny 2. This is made obvious by the introduction of fated engrams which guarantees an exotic not in collection (with the exception of quest/mission based exotics). The only RNG aspect of exotics is getting the right one with the right stat roll. Getting the gear isn't difficult, getting the RIGHT gear is (god roll weapons, stat perfect armor) due to so many layers of RNG.

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I hope they allow FOV tweaking for consoles.

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Of course you can wait. It's one of the main things Microsoft has its fans do, at least for the past decade or so.

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Not sure if you seen the teaser, but it stated a 2021 release. So unless you know of upcoming delays, perhaps you should steer away from conjecture.

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With the exception of GT7, all the games he named have a release date within 2021. Though they may or may not be launch window games (first 6 months, which means games released before May 2021), they will be released within the first year (barring delays). So your notion of a 2 year launch window is quite the stretch.

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Hopefully Microsoft funds the development of a new game engine they can use because the Creation Engine is trash, extremely antiquated, and riddled with bugs. It's the reason some of their games have been lackluster.

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@ NeoGamer232

To answer your question in regards to a comparison; comparing the Series S to the PS5 Digital Edition, you are paying 25% less for the Series S. However, it has 40% less SSD storage and anywhere between 1/2 to 1/4 the I/O speeds (depending if the data is compressed or not), 40% less RAM at 1/2 the speed, and 60% less GPU compute performance. The Series S is less expensive, but the PS5 Digital Edition has far more value for only $100 more, of course that is my ...

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