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Too many of you are distracting from monopolization.

What company bought two major publishers within this generation?

What company already OWNS the entire PC market?

Don't freaking act like this is a good thing just because there are some Sony exclusives.

MS has thrown around nearly $100 BILLION.

Get a grip.


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Christopher, that's incredibly short-sighted...

Like, the disabled get disability benefits (it's an insurance system), are you trying to take that away?

It's always ironic to me when someone holds such a jealous world view. Like, then you become disabled 10 years after voting against it due to a freak accident (or gain a family/friends to share the pass with)... And now you only have yourself to blame.

Although, my experienc...

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Maniac's understanding of the FTC's function is certainly special.

I don't know why people who can't answer why or how government systems have come to be always have to assert their... "Special" opinions.

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People who support big business over people make this point as if they're fiscally responsible.

Which is ironic, because they're on support of market consolidation.

It's the same people who think social security is a retirement plan and not what it actually is - insurance.

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"What's your idea of a better souls like game then?"

World building isn't the only element of story that people care about. That user said, "more story elements (plot, characterization, story growth, etc) and less combat."

It's perfectly healthy for people to express why they don't like From Software games, because a new dev might create a new, amazing game that bridges those dislikes into the genre for something new. ...

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Are you saying people can't have a preference towards story-driven games?

My wife is, frankly, not very coordinated, and that's a big reason she gravitates towards easier gameplay and more story.

And having many people (gamers) who have many different preferences and opinions is very good for the gaming industry.

You don't have to understand, but you certainly should be thankful and respectful, because diverse interests brin...

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"Your side." Lol (incredulously laughing)

You're everything that's wrong with anti-consumer practices, because you see "sides" instead of fellow gamers.

I'm not looking forward to telling you monopoly supporters, "I told you so," when the monopoly ruins the industry.

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@4sh0w is deluded to think a monopoly is a good thing lol

This isn't buying a studio - it's buying a top 3 competitor.

A monopoly will not help your games. Stop being foolish.

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The more acquired the less competition.

I'm fine with studios seeking publishers, but the amount of people who are cheering on this obvious monopoly in the making is absurd.

Watching the gaming industry get consolidated and cheering is legitimately stupid in a gamer's perspective.

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Why do you think a monopoly is good for the gaming industry?

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"give us monopolies!" Says the person who knows nothing of history

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Holy crap... You people who love monopolies are the worst.

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"Now just don't insult my intelligence trying to make sony into some sort of Saints everytime Microsoft makes a deal. They're all just alike."

I think the one thing a lot of you tend to forget before commenting is that this is why competition is important.

MS already acquired a huge publisher with Bethesda. Now they're spending 5 times more to get one of the biggest.

Stop defending the dirtiest of capitalistic tric...

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What? A monopoly is a monopoly. You can't put lipstick on a pig.

When is enough enough for you people? Pick up a history book and see the trends happening all over again...

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You really can't compare Sony 's market share and purchasing power to Microsoft's.

$7.5 billion for Bethesda
$10 billion for discord stopped only because Sony became minority holder
$70 billion for Activision.

This is how monopolies start, and this is VERY bad for gamers.

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@sparky77 this has been their MO since they cornered the OS market. This is why they tried to spend $10 billion on discord.

Why are so many people delusional to their monopoly?

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I see a lot of hype.

No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk come to mind.

I just want good games.

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Brought what over? The gem pouch that took up inventory space?

I'm confused by the argument I'm seeing on these sites recently. This is the third article I've seen saying "inventory is taken by gems, which hasn't happened before now." Gems have always taken space, but they were auto-sorted in d3.

Do I agree an auto-sort function would be great? Yes.

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I want you to be excited! However, I hate rumors.

Please be careful

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Right? The difference is they're fanboys of horizontal monopolies

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