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Xbox just spent the entire worth of Sony to compete with PlayStation and/or block Apple, Google, and Facebook.

You all are comparing XBox to PlayStation when the parent companies are worth:

Microsoft: over a trillion or 2 trillion.

Sony: 80ish billion or 120 billion.

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I love all the people comparing the gaming market share as if that means anything.

Horizontal integration may not be a monopoly by law, but it has the same ramifications that vertical monopolies of the past had.

If you're comparing Microsoft vs Sony as monopolies, but you're only talking about XBox and PlayStation, then you're bringing micro understanding to a macro discussion. Please stop.

Microsoft as a whole is valued ove...

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Microsoft's total total assets are valued over a trillion, while Sony's total assets are valued at less then 100 billion.

Microsoft's worth is 10x-20x more than Sony.

"Not a Monopoly" as they swing their Monopoly money to go from 0 in the gaming department to buying Sony's total worth in publishers.

It's delusional.

Stop comparing XBox to PlayStation if you want to talk about monopolies. ...

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Nice argument as to why it's not even close.

Edit: I'm not saying I disagree. I'm saying I'm tired of one sentence rebuttals. If you can't state a different perspective, then what are you offering?

People need to stop buying into one sentence cast-offs and non-arguments.

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It was marketed as a current gen. Unfortunately, we can't call it last gen, despite many of us understanding it was sub-par for this gen.

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They can afford it, but remember how gamers flocked to ps4 because of Don Matteick's policies?

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Probably the shitty decisions they've been making which remind me of the XBone announcement.

As a Sony fanboy, even I see the shitty decisions they're making.

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Still, it's not the full game. They're just flipping us upside down and shaking us for change.

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And they still want to charge how much for the Legatus pack? Almost 30,000?

That's a new low for pay to win.

I was so excited until that announcement. They won't get my money, and I pity anyone who doesn't understand what that means for future games if they sell it or don't take any shit for it.

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I think it has plenty of life left you'll, but with the similar architecture to PC, I was hoping the PS5 would be similar to how the Pro released... Meaning I keep my games, and I don't have to boot up my ps4 to play and party with friends.

Xbox one x is another example. I'm just hopeful for this style of backwards compatibility.

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Nick the not so slick... your assumption that everyone has the same lifestyle as you do is an inherently ignorant thought.

And if you're doing it from an indifferent view then you're pushing the line of a socio...

Meh... I can't believe I commented instead of just lurking.

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Did you read the article? That's not really the author's opinion unless you only read the headline...

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I was just about to tell people to read and especial finish the article...

then I realize you didn't even read it! /s ^.^

But n4g isn't about reading comprehension.

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Abzdiine, I concur. Like Wonderful 101 as an example.

Also, isn't there a problem with this article because Zelda was delayed until 2016?

Oh, that's right, I chose not to click on this click bait article... this year...

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Thanks guys, I'll check back in tomorrow.

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Between all three (series) rate them in an order that I should experience them, please?

I'm half tempted to just jump into bloodborne...

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When EA
access was announced, I figured it would be a mediocre service until the third year of the console lifespan, based off of trade in and buy back prices of used games from my time as a GameStop manager.


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I'm not disagreeing with you, but cindy-rella was not talking about pc...

Cindy was comparing apples to oranges (xbox vs ps4) and you threw in bananas.

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I find "Indie Games" arguments very subjective as everyone uses a different metric to discuss indies.

Now, Wikipedia says that, "Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams *generally* without a video game publisher financial support."

*I put an emphasis on "Generally" for the sake of what I'm writing in hopes that you don'...

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And why was he the first to comment on his own submitted story?

And why are there more comments even below...

I'm beginning to wonder how this passed :(

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