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@Schiller: and how did the Wii's "gimmick" exactly degrade gaming? Because non typical player joined the game?

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Sorry, double post

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According to your logic pirating music is legal because iTunes can play it?

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As far as I know it's the same guy. At least his avatar on youtube is the same one.

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It's all fake.

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I see your reasoning now. But there is still now evidence for this isn't fake or if it's real if this is the final designe or it can be changed. But if they can change it (again if it's real) they should change it (BEFORE I didn't thought about that it could be changed, but I had a disscusion about it with someone and he brought this up).

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If you don't like it don't buy it. It's that simple. BTW we still do not know what this is and what it's capable of.

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@Schiller: Instead people fall for grafics now. I really do not understand why you're so short sighted and so full of hate, you clearly do not know what they have learned or not learned as the new product has yet to be shown. And btw there is nothing to seem about NX because there is no information about it, you should realy stop pretending that you know what the new system is.

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Oneshot you should buy the console as well of course. Don't be so ignorat.

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Cause that is illegal. You harm the copyright laws there.

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That has nothing to do with pride it is sheer calaculation.

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@ ED: Sony and Microsoft have stoped their support for their respective consoles when the new ones arrived as well, only exeption is the Xbox360 and PS3. And on the other hand Nintendo used with every console a new technologie/ gaming concept so it makes more sense to not splitt the development teams.

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@Psy: They will still release it on Wiiu.

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If you want to play the game go buy it.

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@Schiller: That is a classic once more. Have you thought about this before you wrote that comment because pirating games is a big deal. Always that blind hate.

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There are a few points that you do not consider. First the New 3DS is a system for enthusiasts as Nintendo does only have one exculsive game for that system. They don't want to push sales with the introduction of SNES games on New3DS as it is more of a service to those that bought that system.
Second from the programming stand point it seems as if the emulation of the SNES games isn't that easy especialy because of the Perfect-Pixel-Mode. BTW the PS4 has it's problemes wit...

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The point is even if the rumors were true we still don't know want the NX is capable of and how all pieces of information work together. Why not wait and see what NX real is, before giving up on it. We also have to wait and see how VR tures out in the end because not everybody is conviced of this tech.

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The motion controles from Wii were innovative enough that Sony copyed them and uses them in the futur for their VR system. Also there is nothing fake about the 3D effect.

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@Kaleb: What you say could be very true.

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