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Call of Duty MP is superior to UC3's MP and that is a fact.

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Vita's gonna fail too, nobody's gonna shell out 250 bucks when the 3DS is half the price and it has Pokemon instead of this downgraded console games.

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If he had the guts to share such information with his neighbors then there's a chance that this entire situation is either a misunderstanding or the 26 years-old guy has really serious issues.

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What better textures? If I have bad sight then you need to take off your fanboy-googles because really:

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I haven't even seen a single person saying that ND can't surpass UC2 with UC3 in fact quite the contrary.

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@iamnsuperman I never said that it happened over night, my point was that the head of Apple is no more and now Sony has more of an advantage. But people just saw that I mentioned the death of Steve and bubble raped me and marked me "immature" for no reason at all. I don't know if you noticed it but I used a point and not an exclamation mark (!). >_<

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Can you people stop randomly marking everything as trolling or off-topic? One can't even have a decent conversation about something in here anymore.... And gaining bubbles is not easy task either but losing them is way too easy.

Comparisons between Forza and GT series are bound to happen.

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Steve dies and now Sony's gonna try to take the mobile market by the horns.

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dude it looks the same, the only difference is in the color palette. And to be honest, which one is supposed to look better anyway? =/

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I don't know if IGN somehow altered the video or something but this gameplay vid seems like if it were running at a higher framerate than 30. Maybe is just the lighting and good animations though...

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that is BS. Look at all the people that just go marked as trolling and all of them were talking crap about Forza and saying that GT5 is still the king. Forza fans are on a rampage!

But of-course you're gonna lose bubbles if you go to a PS3 game related article to talk crap about it.

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go and look at the comparisons on youtube between iRacing and GT5...

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Heavenly Sword sold because of the hype of it being a PS3 exclusive while Enslaved was just another multiplat. On top of that the overall presentation of the game is kind of meh.

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because the game's just a couple of weeks away from release but it's broken beyond belief. Beta is not the same as pre-alpha, when something is in beta it means that it's almost done.

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weird that you didn't mention the awful screen tearing. Frame-rate was even better than Uncharted 2 but the screen tear was all over the place because the game wasn't Vsync.

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and what about Hayabusa's shinkuu HADOUUUKEEEENN!

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I just read it and it was exactly what I was thinking. Another misinformed console lover... =/

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