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'Atari Reveals HD Versions Of Beloved Classics
Loved the games growing up.

the legendary videogames of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are back as AtGames today announced the release of the new premium HD versions of their classic game consoles: the Atari Flashback 8 Gold and the Sega Genesis Flashback.

The new systems are available at retailers including Target, GameStop, BestBuy and Both systems include dozens of classic games, feature HD g...

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I think you're full of shit, you say you bought the Mario Switch bundle and yet -

'It's still very popular in japan and japan does not give a damn about sony support for ps vita all they care is for rpg , visual novels and hundereds of upcoming games for Vita , Switch will never beat it in that department and yes i do have a switch so if you don't have both devices please don't comment
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So you bou...

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It's 11 years old. Maybe it was 7 years ago when you first played it, or started playing games, but it's still great to play now.

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Yeah good point, I'll learned to read.

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That's a pretty awful list. I don't want to hate on MS as God knows enough people on this site already do, but MS really needs to get it together with their games library. Like it or not a good choice of exclusive games you can't get on other platforms is the main reason to buy a console for a great number of people, and MS have seemed to ignore this fact for so long now.

They just don't seem to get it.

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I've ordered one for myself today, and I'm 41. What a load of bullshit some people come out with.

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He's like you, except he's OP.

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And so the world did grind to a halt when it realized there were no original Japanese voices in MSG5. And then the world also realized that no one but Yi-Long gave a fuck, and got back to what they were doing, perfectly happy with the consequences.

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Hopefully he'll die and we won't have to read his shit anymore.

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Not gonna happen though is it?

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Next year at some point.

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'There is no doubt that Nintendo makes good games but they often get a pass.'

Bullshit, the fact that Nintendo make great games is what gets the 'Nintendo gets a pass' comment. People are so far up there own assholes that they can't appreciate that they make great games and have to make excuses why they get great reviews.

I play games of all sorts and the main factor in how I like a game is how much I enjoy it, it's as simple as th...

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Yeah I had a lot of fun playing WOLFENSTEIN by RAVEN . I had a lot of fun playing WOLFENSTEIN by MACHINEGAMES as well.

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I'd love to get MVGeneral in a room with a Super Mario game from recent years, and task him with 100 percent completing it, and watching him fail, again, and again, and again. and again.......because it's too tough for him.

I doubt he'd be able to get 50% completed really. All talk and shit for brains.

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Good to know, I'm picking this game up this week when pay day arrives. Loved the first game, although some areas were tedious. If it's better than the first that's good enough for me.

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I can't one day either.

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No one buys Uncharted 4 for the MP.

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The greed of the bigger companies say that SP games are doomed, but there will always be SP games. The direction SP games go from those greedy companies will change, but I'd like to think that there will always be other companies that will want to give a fair, complete product for a fair price.

In the last few years I've stopped buying certain games that have included these greedy practices. The last game I bought that had them in, one of the games that really teste...

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So do a lot of games. What's your point?

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For someone who hates Nintendo so much you sure do love talking about them. You talk more about Nintendo than fans of Nintendo. Some might say you're a bit of a sad obsessive. It's not healthy.

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