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Thats ironic considering I went through like 4 dualshock 3s while the Sixaxis I got with my 40GB fat PS3 still looks and functions like new.

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And this is how X1 fanboys justify their X1 purchase. By downplaying PC gaming.

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^Regarding that anecdotal evidence of the rubber peeling off? Cause the sticks on both my DS4's are fine.

Ive seen someone literally grind their sticks into dust in the inner ring of their X1 controller. Wheres the quality in that?

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I didnt even want to pay $60 for the game.

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Ah, Tom Chick didnt review this. That would explain the score.

Welp, time for a little more Titanfall. Just a few more days until Infamous drops. :D

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You said resolution. Not graphical fidelity. Two difference things. But I even clarified both.

1: The PS3 had plenty of games running at 720p, same as Gears of War.
2: Uncharted matched or even surpassed Gears of War when it came to resolution AND graphical fidelity.

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lol Nice way to fail hard with that comment. No surprise coming from an admin of a forum infested with xbots.

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You can switch the words "Xbox" and "Playstation" in your comment and it would still be true.

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Eh? The PS3 had plenty of games that ran at the same resolution as Gears of War. Hell, it even had a launch game that ran at 1080p 60fps.

And it only took one year for the PS3 to get a game that looked just as good if not better than Gears of War. It was Uncharted.

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You spin me right round baby right round.

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" PS don't bring up sales playstation is a worldwide brand as it is in its 4th generation, compared to the xbox in it's 3rd generation."

Nintendo is on their 6th generation. Your point?

Oh, and that last line of yours is pretty ironic.

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" , all of you are not questioning it, are you? "

"[Now] that The Order is stating the exact same thing but at a slightly higher resolution and 4xMSAA"

"slightly higher resolution and 4xMSAA"

You really just answered your own question there... That resolution and MSAA difference is actually quite a huge difference.

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A big chance it might fail...?

Not with Ready at Dawn's track record.

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Well I suppose that makes it even.

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Im sure Nintendo is very happy for him.

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I like how my single player campaign progress still disappears after all these months. I dont even know how I managed to finish it the first time.

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Strange, Digital Foundry seems to think otherwise.

"On that note it's clear that the PS4 game is the definitive release of Assassin's Creed 4 on the console formats...

Despite its failings in image quality and some occasional drops in performance, the Xbox One version still delivers a worthy upgrade over the 360, PS3, and Wii U versions for owners of Microsoft's new console, although we hope that the unsightly sharpening filter can be disable...

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I love the sweet sweet smell of damage control and denial in the morning.

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Ryse proves that the X1 can do better graphics? Oh right. Being sub 1080p and constantly dropping below 30fps is so much more impressive than Killzone Shadowfall running at 1080p with a framerate that can reach 60fps.

Did you conveniently miss all those Digital Foundry articles comparing multiplats as well? Battlefield 4? Assassin's Creed 4? Both running at a higher res and a better framerate on the PS4?

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Not exactly sure what makes the X1 any better besides maybe one decent exclusive and inferior multiplats.

Hang on scratch that last part.

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