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OMG I can't preorder it so I don't want it now! Is this seriously where we are now? Lol

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"For roughly a decade they have done their utmost to attract a userbase with a extremly narrow taste in game genres."

you mean every genre except jrpgs? yeah.. super narrow tastes. lol.. you guys even hear yourselves anymore?

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Right? Should have just waited the 4 years I guess lol

Buy xb1x, use current hdd full of games and my elite controller. What's the added expense? This will be the cheapest upgrade for me as well

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I personally love the pic/mobile model, I just hope it doesn't get as frequent as them.

New hardware every 2-3 years but allowing you to skip a "generation" without missing out on anything. Each "gen" will be supported for two cycles (4-6 years) by design and further extended based on lower requirements if possible (not every game pushes the hardware).

Just what I'd like to have, nothing more.

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More then likely. Might not on day one since games carry over but most likely before Xmas (or right after)

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How does it only have 9gb ram? Does your Windows PC not have overhead and background tasks? You need 12gb to compare. And if the point is building a similar pc, you can't simply ignore a big piece of it because you can get around not needing it to suit the argument.

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Marketing deal strikes again.

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Love how this guy is a complete jackass or an expert all based on if we like what he says.

You either want that power or you don't. getting that spec sheet for 399 wasnt going to happen. So you either want a cheaper console, or a weaker one.

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1. Release destiny 2
2. .....
I guess they only need one thing for that outcome to happen.. lol

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Jesus.. are you people now seriously thinking these 3rd party deals are based on anything more then sony opening their chequebook?

They bid on this shit.. that's all it is.

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Not a big fan of the series (I dont play it but my roommate does) but I instantly thought of Kate beckinsale.. probably because the character in game kinda reminded me of her in Van helsing

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Always been my favorite beef with destiny.. how'd you play 1000h with no content? Lol.. many of us played this game like it was a second job, we would blow through ANYTHING released in a matter of a day or two.. that's not really on them

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Well. That'd only "realize" that if they only talked to you and those like you, wouldn't they?

Never fails to amaze me how arrogant people can be

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i like the idea of keeping the display but a FPS counter is pointless, unless we start seeing options to do something about it... if all goes to plan, itll either say 30 or 60 at all times anyways but there is other info that could be useful

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I don't trade my games.. so I have all my games ready to play at all times, no clutter in my media center and no worry about a damaged disk.. plus new games are only a click away..

So yeah.. you do you, but physical isn't better then digital in my world.

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Why? If I really want to play destiny, cod, Madden/FIFA, GTA etc etc.. including the games mentioned here, wouldn't the best place to play them be attractive?

There was no need for ps4p by that logic but it seems to be popular nonetheless

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Yeah.. kinda weird , I highly doubt they release this year as well..

But being the best place to play those games will go a long way..

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Last I saw, they both stopped giving sales figures at 80m.. and both got blown out by the damn Wii so .... Lol

PS3 sold a literal ton of consoles as nothing but Blu-ray players as well.. and I'm still not sure how a warranty return counts as a sale in any industry..

And let's face the simple fact you guys never want to acknowledge.. 360 stole that market share from Sony because it played mutliplats better. The same reason ps4 is killing it this g...

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People probably hate you for making stupid statements like this one.. lol

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fair enough... but vinyl and film offer advantages (i guess you could call them) over digital beyond convenience..

but you are 100% correct on needing disks today and in the near future.. while someone like me can pretty easily get a 120/20 unlimited package, i know many people even 20min away from me forced to pay obscene amounts for essentially dialup.. or what about people that rely on that trade in to buy other games etc?

we arent all in the same boat...

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