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It's no wonder that I rarely frequent this site anymore. I think the comment section is just rampant with delusion. Most people are just happy with no 4k blu-ray drive? I'm sure if the ps4p had it and the xb1 s didn't or even the Scorpio people on here would not be stating how unnecessary it is. I'm getting a ps4p but I'd certainly be happier with the drive in the system. What happened to future proofing? What happened to options? Are people aware that it would still do e...

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I can't tell if the writer was being serious? If no one bought the switch Nintendo would move on to a different type of system. There wasn't a GameCube 2.0 or a Nintendo 128. They usually ry to improve on what they think works, and they base this on sales.

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@finalform. You honestly don't have to buy any of it. I got the game for 20 bucks recently. You can get everything with in game money except for premium costumes. If you get the season pass you get all that included. I think it's 20 bucks.

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I'm buying a ps4p but I think it's a bone headed decision to exclude the uhd blueray player. This coming from the same company that pushed blueray on us is baffling. It makes the ps4p underwhelming. The kick in the face is that your crappy competition can do something you can't. It lessens the experience.

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@1nsomniac high end LG TVs actually have the best refresh rates on the TV side of things. Samsung UHD tvs clock in at about 18ms to LGs 1ms or even less. I've been thinking of getting a monitor because those Samsung rates are terrible

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All companies copy each other. It's a business strategy and just logical. Sony has done it with many things. Integrated hdd, putting multi-player behind a pay wall, play station move, playstation vr, trophies. Other companies do it too. Like games with gold. I would like to see an official ps elite controller. Third party stuff is usually garbage.

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VR is most definitely a gimmick. Its intended purpose is to sell more and is not necessary for the core experience. It's just like how motion controls are a gimmick, and 3d, and curved screens on tvs. Does it do something new and interesting? It sure does. Will it have some exclusive games? Sure. It's not necessary though and only time will tell if it will stick.

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or you can look at it like this. you ask for a burger and they tell you that you can have the burger today and the fries next month or you can just not eat it at all for another 3 months. Youre not forced to buy the burger, no one is, but if you want to eat that meal thats how it is. I would rather eat the burger and get the fries later but thats me, i dont care about the fries.

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The nightfall is seriously garbage. You're not going to get anything above 310. Most exotics are time gated. You're going to get a crap legendary in the 300 or lower range. There is no xp buff or 500 rep reward. What exactly is the point?

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It disturbs me that most of these comments think that a camel toe thong shot has any place in a serious video game. People want to condemn capcom for censoring obvious exploitative actions? Geez. I mained Vega in the third beta and he was the most risqué male fighter yet not a single close up crotch shot.

I think capcom wanted to make their game more accessible to everyone. I'd like to play street fighter 5 while my kids watch. If I wanted something more exploitativ...

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I honestly don't think you're getting that much content. You're getting one raid and one new location. I'm not a big pvp guy so I honestly don't care much about multiplayer. It's all the same to me just different maps. Rift felt like fun. It was still your average multiplayer game.

I've played since beta so I have to say I'm burned out on the grind fest that is destiny. I feel that the game lacks depth. I'm not judging you for enjoying the...

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I felt like it was the same game with new things to grind. I enjoyed rift but I don't know if that alone is enough to get me to fully come back to destiny.

I was bored by the end of the first day.

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So what? There is absolutely nothing unique about any guardian in this game. They all have the same abilities use must of the same gear, use most of the same weapons, have the same "back story" Who actually cares or has a connection with their guardian? They can replace him next game and it wouldnt matter tbh. I remember when i used the limited creation sliders to make my guardians head, then I forgot about it because its the only true customization in the whole game. Most people do...

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this article is pointless. Why would anyone think this is a huge multiplayer game when it is not marketed that way?

No one believed it was going to be an mmo and im glad it isnt. There are plenty of mmo's out there. I want something that lets me relax and discover planets and life. I have plenty of other shallow games to fill that multiplayer void if I choose. This article is essentially complaining that tetris isnt street fighter.

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team ico games have never been about graphics. Theyre beautiful stylized serene games that you can enjoy for their gameplay and story. While i agree that it still looks like a ps3 game if you watch any interviews they speak about the relationship you will have with the creature. It's obvious that is the focus of the game. Are people just stupid?

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I cant believe this is an entire article. Next week i expect an article on pressing L2 to do a different 2 handed attack.

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Well yeah but thats the whole premise of the game. The way i describe it is a leper colony but instead of leprosy they have lycanthropy. However abreitas isnt a beast, neither is the wet nurse, the celestian entity and there are non beast bosses in the labyrinth.

Seriously though the game is all about beasts, the hunt, and the moon, with a rebirth by moonlight angle. It's beautiful but not as broad as the other games.

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You didnt think father gascoigne was memorable? I had the hardest time with abrietas and vicar amelia. I was young when i fought vicar so she really gave me the business then when i almost beat her she starts praying and healing. Lol these games teach you how to miss the tv when you throw your controller. I also found martyr logarius memorable and amygdala. I made a vid about beating logarius.


so what youre saying @zodiac is that every arcade that ever existed was problematic. I mean they buy cabinets then charge people to come in and pay play them and they didnt pay monthly fees to the companies who made the cabinets. Those scoundrels

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You just like Nintendo do not understand how things work now. Just like joe said it's free advertising. People dont just read reviews anymore. People watch gameplay, watch streams, listen to you tubers to make their buying decisions. He said they were within their rights because they own the IP's, but they didnt take the time out to make the video, joe did. If you think he built his fan base on Nintendo then you haven't watched his videos. People subsc...

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