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Respect to the consumers, future consumers, and respect that the retailers should hold for the sake of being good business partners and not douchebag Fuckups who become greedy in the name of ego-stroking "HERE YOU GO, HAVE THE GAME EARLY, PRAISE ME/US! I'M DOING YOU ALL A FAVOR!"

Fuck em'.

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That and, even if X1 is releasing 1 week earlier in EU...

EU is loyal mostly to Sony, I'm sure they'll easily be able to wait a week longer for PS4, if they don't already have a Pre-order done that is. I'm glad I set my pre-order in June still. JUST incase, so I know I can grab it Day One.

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Meaning, the sweatshops are going full force 26/7.

No breaks allowed, X1 is coming. Conformity Awaits.

[/Inb4AngryFanboyTellsMeSonyU sesSweatShopsToo]

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Damnit Catwoman, you're not a real cat, stop groping yourself and moaning like you're in heat!

N-NO! Don't start licking yourself- OH GOD.



fapfapfapfapfapfapfap. Day One. Pre-Ordered.

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This is one of the most blatantly obvious damage-control articles I've ever seen.

Look at the site name even, ''. Who are they trying to fool? If X1 released any earlier we'd probably run into increased failure rates like the 360 had gone through since it too was rushed out.

Sony didn't want to be last again on the market, they said so and they made it so, plain and simple.

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A Microsoft Rep: "Microsoft Reps are the best" - Said only Microsoft Reps and those who got paid to say it.


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@HeavY - Well, apparently not including Arabic is making Sony 'Suffer' more than anything else.

I'd love to read such sensationalist, exaggerated news stories on how Not allowing 8 controllers makes Sony 'Suffer', and PSN+ Being mandatory for the most part makes Sony also 'Suffer'...

This is trivial, but inconvenient news to those who ONLY speak Arabic use the word 'Suffer' is just idiotic imho

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I'm sure in 1-2-3 months we'll hear an announcement from Microsoft of them saying that they TOO are designing a VR helmet now.

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@HeavY - Not to mention, Microsoft is only supporting 14 countries and are 'Mostly Sold Out' and SUPPLY/How many are manufactured compared to Sony will differ since Sony is going with 32 countries at launch AND ARE Mostly sold out.

32 > 14

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Am sure most iPhone App games are better than it to them.

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Has nothing to do with Dickwolves, right? lol

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No worries, I came here just to laugh loudly about the title. Xbox reps are fucking full of it, rofl.

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I'm sure Gabe would give a face if disapproval at such an offer.

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Looks like the Blizzard fanboys are disagreeing with you.

Cause apparently Blizzard are teh ultimate developers, don't accuse them!

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The ONLY time more than 4 controllers is EVER used is in Sports games like FIFA. Outside of that? Pointless.

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There IS nothing better than Oculus Rift right now, Sony is likely in talks with the team to make a PS4 model for them.

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I've been saying the same thing for a long time allformats, however I get flocked and attacked by zealous xbox fanboys every single time and drown in disagrees where you somehow do not.

Some N4G articles are swarmed with xbox fanboys while other articles don't seem to have many at all, it's weird how that is.

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It sold great for the first 3 months because of gullible fans who bought it because they love Nintendo and wanted to own it because Nintendo made it and that they knew, INEVITABLY, that that system will surely have its own Zelda/Mario games and that they'd wait it out.

So it sold the most hardcore of fans, but even so, I find it unlikely that they'd be using the system a lot, rather that the system is laying there waiting to be exploited, whenever Nintendo ...

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