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Got mine through Sony, pretty simple and direct. Though I did have to wait a little longer than they initially said.

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Is that a rendition of the Pixies where is my mind?

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That's not forced guy!! That's incentive, and the incentives for digital have been proven successful this gen. Hell I have multiple PS4s at my house and my brother benefits from my digital library.

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There used to be an advantage to owning a disc.. Not no more. Not when you have to download your game from the disc to the ssd... Your only getting draw backs as each time you want to change a game, you have to get up and change it manually. I never thought I would change to discless, but I would always have selling a game for nickels to GameStop only to want to play it again in the future. My digital library is vast this gen, and I'll be vast next gen as well.

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Dude why so far up a companies ass? just do yourself a favor and hop to another console and you'll instantly rid yourself of buying "half finished games" you said you encountered a lot this gen. The only devs that released half complete games would be Microsoft and 3rd party devs compared to Sony which only game that released half complete was hello games NMS.. But even that had more than SeaoT..
Spiderman a rip of an arkham game? Clearly you've never played Spiderm...

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@Shaggy2304 I think it's wise to remember that that game for the switch came out before the whole Sony and Disney dispute where Sony initially yanked Spiderman from the MCU. From insiders it was the result of Disney trying to get more ownership and revenue of the IP while making Sony pay more for filming. Well where I'm getting at is that Sony walked away from the deal with more control of the IP then they initially had and so it seems they're leveraging that control now. Be mindf...

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Or maybe.. Just maybe @TheColbertinator.. Sony is keeping a more hands on approach to the IP of Spiderman that they have say in since they have a deal with Disney. Keep in mind how much Sony has invested in the IP at the moment..they have just released both a stellar game and a movie and don't want to muddy the water.. But why do you care your issues should be with Phill and his sentiments towards exclusives as exclusives clearly matter for you because you're over here B-ing and moani...

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I think they're down voting you because you mentioned that Sony paid for this content when in reality they probably didn't have to pay a dime since they have a deal with Disney in regards to The Spider-Man IP..

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This is horse armour all over again. How much did it cost Rockstar to develop GTA 5 again? How long have they minimal introduced content as DLC? That's just one game.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the same as movie pass.. In that it's not sustainable unless they change the method of consumption for this type of media.. And that's what you'll eventually see.. Games broken down even further at release and developers slowly reintroduce this co...

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You're the only child here.. Any Sony fan knows that graphics don't matter, it's only to rub salt in your wounds that you're seeing what you are seeing. All this talk about 12TFlops and over the course of a presentation.. Suddenly graphics don't matter to Xbox fans.. Funny seeing how that works.

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GamePass is the horse armour of this generation. How can any studio be profitable with that model.. Just through simple economics, factoring the cost of development and marketing that goes into a release and that's when it'll hit you.. It can only be profitable if they make episodic or GaaS type games.. And I for one see more cons with that level of design.

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@meka2611 they have been King in the most important aspect of the gaming industry and it hasn't sheets been about their performance, no they've been King of offering stellar games!!

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Way to only mention Sony.. the biggest "empty marketing talk" came from Microsoft with this gem..mhmh... "The Power Of The Cloud"!!

Plus there has been a crazy amount of 3rd party devs praising Sony's machine, which I found as odd since Microsoft's next gen console spec had already been made public.

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Dude why are you so up in arms defending PC gamers? No matter how you spin it, there's a degree of fidelity that a KB+M gives you over a controller. While you can technically beat a KB+M player with a controller, the chances are not fair or leveled.

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You're right @SegaGamer, But the majority of cheaters are PC gamers.

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You're a moron because you fail to look at historical facts, you dismiss Sony's exclusives, and claim that Sony stopped listening to it's consumers and returned to PS3 style of thinking.
Cerny has return Sony to listening to what developers have said which in return have been great to the players, Sony has more than just 10 great exclusives, and no they're not experiences you can get on an Xbox, similar sure..but not the same.
As far as historical facts, Micr...

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Ok Boomer.

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I don't understand the hate for battleroyal type games, to me they are just a game type like the way capture the flag is or team death match, and if COD feels like a generic battle Royal game then that's the result of it having generic mechanics across the board..

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So your comparing the CD copyright fiasco from a different division within Sony to their output in the gaming world? It seems your the one too young to even remember last generation when Sony let people Cross play on unreal tournament with the PC community and would've been ok with letting them Cross play with the 360 community if not for Microsoft. As it stands now, with a larger install base, more daily traffic, what does Sony have to gain by letting platforms with a smaller user bases ...

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