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Excellent list. Can't think of any other game more deserving of the #1 spot than Deus Ex. Completely blew me away the first time I played it and continues to do so everytime I replay it.

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All of the good Castlevania games have always "stolen" from other franchises (Metroid for example)

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It's absolutely mindblowing what Team ICO were able to do with Shadow of the Colossus considering the PS2's hardware. Truly among the most talented developers.

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You only need Blu-Ray if you want the absolute best quality available.

Fortunately for Microsoft, both they and their userbase like to settle for mediocrity.

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Another terrible C&V article, why isn't this worthless site banned yet?

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2007 was the same year that Crysis & Uncharted came out. Halo 3 in no way deserved a 10 for graphics then.

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I pity anyone who misses out on Team ICO games. Go play Shadow of the Colossus ASAP.

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So you're paying an extra $300+ just to pirate games offline?

How retarded can you possibly get? You actually end up spending more that way even in the long run, the only difference being that the money goes straight to Sony instead of the hard working developers.

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If you have to ask why you're getting disagrees you're a complete idiot.

People click the disagree button because they disagree with your statement. This is how the system works.

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Indeed. Sony are much faster than MS and Nintendo on anti-piracy.

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Don't forget that Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the only 3 games this generation that IGN scored a perfect 10/10.

IGN = most inconsistent website ever.

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The damage control is just sad. Why do xbox fansheep swallow M$ bullshit at any given command? Do they just have no standards or self-respect?

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Demon's Souls is the best RPG of this gen.

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Just to clarify, Continuum Shift 2 is an arcade-only release to get the year-old arcade version up to date with all the new DLC coming out on consoles.

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Terran is just very boring to play and aesthetically uninteresting compared to the other 2 races. Who the hell wants to play as redneck space marines?

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You don't NEED to play the previous game for it to make sense.

All of the important plot moments in Mass Effect 2 are fairly straight forward sci-fi and can be be grasped by anyone regardless of whether they've played the first or not.

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A cosmetic in-game item that 70% of all players will have is NOTHING compared to the $20 store credit that Amazon.

The writer of this article is obviously just another blind Gamestop fanboy.

Edit: Walmart also has the $20 offer.

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Don't know if anyone noticed but in the PS store they have Charlie, R.Mika and Rolento from Alpha, From 3rd strike they have Alex, Hugo, Elena and Q. Why make those certain characters avatars? I think it might be a hint.

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Everyone is just happy that Justin Wong didn't make it into the top 8.

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