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great! more remasters (sarcasm).

Yea more remasters, just what MS needs to catch up to PS4. (SARCASM).

smh. im not impressed if this rumor is true, not 1 bit.

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Lmao. I agree 100%, excellent point.

Looks like there's at least 11 (disagrees) so far butt hurt Xbox1 fan boys who can't handle the Truth.

it's pathetic, how can they not see it....just embrace it, Xbox 1 is and will continue to be the weaker BY FARRRRRRRRR....system.

Hey I got a question for you disagreeables:

Where's the power of the cloud ? hahahahaha!

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I agree with 100%. And imho that is the Problem I have with Destiny, Bungie DID NOT deliver on what they said Destiny was, potentially? maybe. But not out of box and that's what matters to me.

Lack of deep story and lacking deep Campaign etc..

I'll say this: Activision and Bungie KNEW what they were doing: Over Hype the game to recover a lot of upfront cost, get people hooked on the co op/multi-player parts and hope enough ...

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Excuse me? TLOU over-rated?

I think you need a doctor visit. You might be in the early stages of a Ebola Infection. (joking of course lol)

On a serious note, I respect your right to an opinion. But I disagree BIG TIME.

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It's a false flag and nothing else.

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I love Halo 4.

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No Way and I don't believe one word of this article lmao ......Xbox 1 did not beat out the PS4 in September no way now how.

Lies and deception. Period.

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Are u brain dead?


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5 disagrees so far?

So then at least 5 people never heard of Micro transactions? or DLC?

or maybe.....they Hate the TRUTH.


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NO.....u are wrong.

What concerned gamers hate is being lied to, being sold a stripped down game etc etc

That's where the hate comes from, not getting what u paid for etc.

And then to have to watch and listen to you ignorant fools, spin less cowards not stand up and say ...."no, this is BS, this ain't what Bungie and Act of Treason Activision told us it was going to be, the AI sucks, just lazy...story st...

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Your an addict.

And that is the PROBLEM.

You see an addict will do anything.....say get or justify the addiction.

You and those like you are Grade A "compromisers", slaves to your addiction.

So to you and those like you, it doesn't matter if Bungie and Activision lied and Hyped Destiny along with their blood brothers the Media", beyond what the final product end...

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But God does.

And everyone will give an account of there Life to him.

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That's a crock of shit. Destiny widely loathed for mediocrity. Not some vocal minority as you stated smh. And had it not been for a REVIEW EMBARGO your precious Destiny wouldn't have sold as well as it did.

So why was there a review embargo?
because Act of treason (Activision) and Bungie had something to hide.

What were they hiding? A game that wasn't what they promised it would be, we were sold potential.

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As if the best part could make up for all the other parts that were mediocre or just plain boring.

A game should be outstanding all the way through.

Bungie dropped the ball. But no need to defend your purchase. If you're content that's all that should matter.

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Your insane if you think PS4's lead is somehow illusionary.

And I see no end in sight, it will continue to grow....MS will spin off the XBOX Brand, just watch.....and it's all been by design.

Very few people understand this truth. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES....the Illusion is what the public has been fed for many many business, REAL BUSINESS there are only Partners, working together to meet there secretive goals.

lol, its t...

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too funny.

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Well Spoken.

37 disagrees?

some people just hate the Truth I guess.

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it's about $$$$, they could have just made a backwards compatible PS4.

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the title is just absurd, what a mind fuk job this title is....So the author knows and has talked to every single Hardcore shooter fan with a PS3, PS4, Xbox360, or Xbox One?

Just Insane. smh

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and for very good reasons. Hate is not bad, its why you hate something. for instance I hate see doesn't make me a bad person.

Theres good logical reasons to hate something.

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