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The movement, aiming and shooting all felt so good. I wish they left it the same for KZ3.

After playing KZ2, all other shooters feel the same. Call of duty feels like game for 5 year olds after playing KZ2, so twitchy and unskillful.

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1. Uncharted
2. Uncharted 2
3. MGS4
4. Killzone 2
5. Demons Souls.

I can see how a lot of people like Gow III, but I've just never liked hack n' slash games.

Demon's Souls sword figthing gameplay is a lot more skillful and much more enjoyable to me. But thats just my opinion.

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"character movement doesn’t feel so weighty."

The weight feeling is what made me like Killzone 2, I'm sad they got rid of it. Hopefully the aiming and shooting still have the same feel.

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Mainly because the PS3 actually exists

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But I like Uncharted 1 more than U2. In fact, Drake's Fortune is still the best game I've ever played (and I've played it about 50 times).

Here's why: Platforming, action, puzzles, fistfights, graphics, animation and stealth are all better in Uncharted 2. But what I loved about Drake's Fortune was the shooting, and in Uncharted 2, the shooting was not as fun.

Having Drake in the centre of the screen is better than the bottom left, taking 3...

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Shooters are way better than sword fighting games.

The only sword fighting game I really love is Demon's Souls, and that's because you can't buttonmash. Hopefully MGSR isn't a buttonmasher like GOW and DMC.

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Why is it all twitchy like CoD?

I want KZ2's awesome aiming back! Hopefully this is an option.

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It's easily the best use of motion control I've seen, but I still did notice some lag. I might give it a go, but I'm still very skeptical towards motion control.

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You sound like a real noob.

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Even with the motionplus attatched, the wii still doesn't work the way you want it to. The general lack of quality with the wii has turned me off motion control forever.

The Kinect demo failed to impress me even slightly, and I haven't watched any move demos yet; but I doubt it will be a different story.

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Play it. It's pretty good and it'll only take you 2 hours to beat.

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Shooter games on the Wii just don't work.

Playing it with the classic controller or with a gamecube controller would be a lot better than with the wiimote.

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I like how you call games with action "Michael Bay games"

I think that's funny but it has some truth to it.

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But I can see the gameplay has been dumbed down from Killzone 2.

The recoil of the guns has been reduced, and the momentum whle aiming and moving has been decreased also. I hope it still feels awesome like Killzone 2 does, I don't want KZ3 to be a CoD clone.

I am really loving the amount of action, shooting chainguns from the lander = awesome. My jaw dropped when the Hig dropship got shot down at about 1:05.

I am a bit worried that the du...

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Is it just me or has it been dumbed down a bit?
I noticed the recoil of the guns seems to be weaker and there is less momentum when walking and aiming. Hopefully it still feels like Killzone 2 and doesn't turn into a CoD clone.

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While some gameplay mechanics were very underdeveloped and simple, the whole complete package was just perfect.

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I want all journalism to be honest, so why should gaming news be any different?

If something sucks, the news sites should be honest and tell us why.

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The shooting mechanics look a bit boring, but there is so much more to it that it doesn't matter.

I'm really liking the creative weapons (reminds me of resistance or ratchet and clank), the over the top violence (like in gears of war) and the crazy action.

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I found it:

And yes, it does indeed look rediculously awesome. And it did remind of Uncharted 2's action.

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I only see a trailer.

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