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Amazing how the PS fanboys still say to this day that the Xbox One isn't a 1080p console while ignoring the majority of titles are 1080p with some even being 1080p 60 fps....all while having no issues with claiming the PS4 Pro is a Native 4K console seeing a small list of indies and titles that don't push the PS4 Pro hardware much or old past gen titles.

The Sony community is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

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The media is trying to change the narrative now.

Last 3 years it was all about THE POWER and the resolution behind it....

Remember the whole PS4 is 50% more powerful BS?

What was once about the games became all about the resolution. Now that MS has announced a true gaming beast of a console that obliterates the PS4 "Pro", the media want to go back 4 years and make it all about the games and not power.

Well ...

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Insecure much? I think FH3 looks better environment wise.

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Wow the resolution narrative sure changed quickly when it turned out the underpowered PS Pro won't hit 4K on AAA titles.

PS Pro is being praised for having to use the same method to hit 4K that Quantum Break (Which was bashed) used to hit 1080p yet everyone said it was just a 720p game.

Well every upscaled 4K game on PS Pro is just whatever the native resolution is, either 1080p or lower.

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5 solid reasons
1) No HDR support
2) No 4K bluray player
3) No 4K upscaling
4) Overheating issues
5) Ugly looking console

Oh wait, this is auppoae to be 5 reasons to buy a PS4s. The reasons I listed greatly outweigh the reason to buy it.

Just wait for Neo if you don't want to wait for the most powerful Xbox Scorpio that launches next year.

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CoD is a deteriorating franchise and MS knew this so they cut the partnership with CoD and moved on to the Battlefield franchise which has now eclipsed the CoD franchise.

MS was smart and EA/CoD are just a women scorned and ran to the only rebound they could find.

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5 PS4 slim facts:
1. No Optical Out
2. No 4K bluray player
3. No 4K upscaler
4. Doesn't wobble like PS4 console
5. No extra features put in unlike Xbox One Slim

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Just when we all thought no game could be as big of a disappointment as The Order....another Sony endorsed game comes out as a major MAJOR disappointment.

PS4 is the worst console to own as a gamer.

LMFAO at ANOTHER PS exclusive GT Sport getting delayed.

Wvery Sony exclusive has been delayed. Terrrible console.

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The PS4 is the worst place for Space games in general really.

Xbox is the best place for Space games. Loving Elite Dangerous.

Actually Xbox is pretty much the best place to play as a gamer.

Looking forward to Forza Horizon 3.

LMFAO with the 3rd holiday season with nothing on the PS4. What a terrible console.

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Ps4 S(ame) is an ugly console where once again Sony removes features rather then adding.

XB1 slim
4k upscaling
4k media/Bluray player

PS4 slim
Removed Optical connection
No 4k support
No 4k media/bluray player

This slim (as fugly as it is) better not be more then $200

Funny how everyone said MS releasing XB1s a year before Scorpio was confusing....

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Well seeing Sony have been dumping indies non stop due to a lack of 1st party titles, its clear they've been using indies as their crutch. Even the PS+ titles are nothing but indies. So naturally Sony are going to say they don't distinguish...maybe they should start, then maybe finally we'd get more 1st party AAA titles and a better selection of AAA PS+ titles.

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The game is trash. Keep it on PS4 and PC.

If you want a real galatic exploration game, play Elite Dangerous in PC or Xbox One and stop settling for below average.

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When will people realize Sony is the biggest anti consumer/gamer company this gen?

What will it take?

Certainly not...."Let's just let it go" attitude. People need to stop defending thia horrible racist and sexist company.

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Reviews up and down? What are you talking about? As of right now its a 68 on meta. Its down...way down and has never been up.

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Still looks like a 10 year old last gen game that got over looked by Sony for their weekly last gen game remaster.

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Still looks better than Uncharted 4

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"I can't wait for Knack 2" - said nobody

The 1st Knack was terrible and very disappointing that such a simplistic platformer couldn't reach 60 fps @1080p while launch games like Forza 5 was hitting 1080p 60fps at lauch.

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GTSport is the PS4's sexiest racing game? LMGAO thats not saying much.
I'm so glad I am a multi console owner...but once Scorpio drops, i'm trading in my PS3,PS4, one of my 360's and my Xbox one for it.
Aside from owning a 360, i'll be a single console owner come next hardware releases.
6 tflops > 4tflops

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No it's not.
RYSE looks better
Battlefront looks photo realistic and looks better
Tomb Raider is a tie i'd say
DriveClub looks better
Forza Looks better
Halo 5 looks better
The Order looks better
Quantum Break looks better

I can't believe this blind perception with Naughty Dog and the Uncharted series. Just because its Naughty Dog the media and sony community all rile up and make outlandish cla...

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