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Very emotional for a boy. He's 13 and probably just hit puberty. I would understand if he was a girl.

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Wow 1tb optical drive is exactly what I needed. I have a 50gb blueray burner and it is not enough. I have too much stuff to store. My 2 x 1tb drives are full. Hurry and release this beast. I download more than what I can watch.

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MGS5 without Kojima... Good luck Konami

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Vista x64 runs fine with my PC. I think most who are complaining simply do not have the hardware to back it up. My computer is a simple Core2Duo 4300 @ 3ghz paired with a 7800 GT and 2gb RAM. Simple specs, didn't cost me any more that $350 all together. My system runs Vista beautifully. Vista benchmark rates my PC at 5.40, What I am saying is that people who are running Vista and complaining must seriously have slow hardware that ain't even worth $100 in terms of today's market value. I haven...

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Why don't they sue every plane and helicopter that fly's over their property? I think they just want a quick buck.

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Amazingly Microsoft knows that HD-DVD is dead, yet they still want to sell this product to its loyal customers. Sad really, Microsoft would rather screw it's consumers over with a $50 brick rather than take the hit themselves. Wow!

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Toshiba, it's not bad luck. Blu-ray has 20gb advantage over HD-DVD, thats 2/3 more space. Obviously Blu-ray is superior.

Also do not even try to compare this to the VHS and Betamax war. Back then consumers weren't as cautious about electronics. Today nearly every household have internet, so obviously most consumers do research online and there lies the problem... 50gb vs 30gb is a no brainer.

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Yay its over, Transformers on Blu-ray finally. Can't wait, still haven't watched it yet. I was just waiting for the right time for my purchase.

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Me thinks when GDC starts, those glass box's should already be equipped with a dedicated A/C of some sort.

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Excellent job for Sony. Way to go, keep up with the demos I enjoy them a plenty

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No it does not because PS3 has plenty of AAA games coming out this year. The sales ain't gonna stop. Whereas the 360 didn't at that time.

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This is something most of us already knew but it's nice to have a graph.

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Does it even matter? Good news is both console owners will enjoy the game.

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That's just plain wrong. Hopefully they will come with a better solution. Maybe it is just temporary.

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I've bought an 80gb PS3 a while back, its great and does everything I want but there is one thing the bothers me... power consumption. I heard the 40gb version uses more than 1/3 less power and now I hear that Sony is working on a 45nm Cell which supposedly uses 1/2 the power of the 40gb. So if you do the math, the new 45nm Cell PS3 would run 2/3 less power than the original PS3's (20gb, 60gb, 80gb) Ouch!

Lets break it down.
20/60/80gb discontinued models 200 watts

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Way to go Sony! I didn't know they were going to make a profit this year so WOW!

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If we use JVC's DTheatre spec ( http://www.dvhsmovieguide.c... (uses DVHS as a transport for pre-recorded HD Movies) as a starting point, we're looking at a bitrate of about 28 Mbps.

28 Mbps = 3.5 MB/s
2 hour movie = 7200 seconds

3.5 MB/s x 7200s = 25.2 GB
Wow, big.

According to DSL Reports ( http:...

MGS4 is a real game, Konami would never port it to a toy.

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That article is worthless. I am 25 and still love gaming till this day. I have friends who are around 30 and they play games with me online (warcraft3/dota) every weekend.

I love games and do sometimes imagine myself as a 65 year old kicking a$$ online. Yeah that would be funny haha. Beating my own grandson to a pulp and all his friends.

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Yeah sure buddy. How long would it take to download a true HD movie? How many gigs? 30gb and up to 50gb of content for a single movie is ridiculous, and how many movies can you fit on a decent hard drive? To have a collection of around 50 movies you'd need at least 1.5 terabyte (1,500gb) of storage.

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