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Don't care about the P$3 version, I don't have a P$3 so why should I care??

Therefore I am getting the Xbox 360 version and will be extremely happy with it.

And there's NOTHING you fanboys can do about that.

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Gonna make you sweat...

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Why would anyone (who's getting the game) watch this???

Unless you don't plan on getting the game then you really shouldn't watch it!

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...but seriously Hawaii would be amazing.

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Biggest surprise of the year.


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Don't be foolish.

Gears of War 3 is better.

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Bubble fest for you my friend.
You are a hero to this forum.

Thank you for completely owning that idiotic statement from Jamaicangmr.

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You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
And I've met a lot of stupid people on N4G.

Sony sucks. They make shit hardware. Deal with it.

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Some people still don't have a hard drive???
Shocking, especially since the "core" audience that's buying this game SHOULD have a damn hard drive by now.

Shame on the consumer, not Microsoft. The consumer has the option to buy the hard drive version of the console.

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Love the art style.

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This is great news.
Just Cause 2 is one the of the most under-rated games in history IMO.

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So returning to LA for the THIRD time (San Andreas, LA Noire) is new???

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Smart business move.

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So the 80s setting of Vice City was "modern."

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I trust Eurogamer and stand behind their reviews 100 percent.

They gave U3 an 8, deal with it.

Don't like it? Read IGN and their bad reviews.

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San Andreas 2? Really?
Kinda soon to return to LA.

I really hoped they would think outside the box with this one and go with London, Boston or Toronto.

It won't top RDR, that's for sure.

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Call of Juarez not being about cowboys is the biggest fail of the year. Also the biggest joke. What the hell were they thinking???

Oh yeah and Socom 4 should be on that list.

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Forza 4 <3

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The user created content for this game is amazing.
What a great community Forza has.

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The game is published by Microsoft so it's an exclusive. The concept art looks great, a real gritty and unique art style.
Here is the teaser trailer:
Definitely have this one on my radar.

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