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That Yoga game is terrible. A lot of times when you're finished with a pose and want to go back to a resting position, the game has to catch up with reversing their animation in a very unrealistic way.

You're better off doing Yoga in Ringfit Adventure. Or just do Yoga by yourself lol

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I loved the first game. When the final storm kicks in during the main campaign, man that was intense as hell. I can't wait for this

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This has actually been an issue in the past. A tattoo artist sued THQ for putting his tattoo in their UFC games.

Carlos Condit, a welterweight fighter, has a tattoo of a Lion on his right ribcage. The artist sued THQ and when EA picked up the UFC license, they just left the tattoo out entirely.

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Anyone else getting a disabled website account when clicking on the link?

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Let me get this straight. Devil May Cry HD Collection $15 but the bundle that has both the HD Collection AND DMC4 Special Edition is $11.25

Who the hell was in charge of the pricing? lol

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If you want a true patriotic game, wait one more month. The HD Remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos will show us all how to be true Americans!

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Victorious Boxers was so good. A shame that the Wii and PS3 Hajime no Ippo games sucked though.

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There was a Japanese-only game on Playstation called Mizzurna Falls. That game is basically Twin Peaks on PS1. There's been a fan translation in the works for awhile and hopefully it will be finished soon because I would love to play it in English.

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The android version had the option for both, so I think we can assume the PS4 version will come with the option as well.

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Thank you to whoever asked about Urban Reign. I would love to play a sequel to that game so badly.

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Gonna need some Medi-Gel for that burn.

Also, it's really been 6 years since LA Noire came out? Where the hell does the time go!?

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So much for Frank being "back"

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WWE 2K14
WWE Supercard (Seriously?)
WWE Immortals (Again, seriously?)
WWE All-Stars
Def Jam (Which one?)
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Virtual Pro Wrestling 64
WWF No Mercy
Fire Pro Wrestling (Again, which one?)
Pro Wrestling

10 pages to get a very basic list with barely a paragraph description for each. Also, seriously? You add in the WWE version of Injustice over any of the Smackdown games (lik...

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He is the hero we need, but do not deserve.
But yeah, his videos on showing BS in video games are awesome. The Ubisoft downgrades video was incredible.

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Hopefully it'll be better than Girl Fight.

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A tumblr post being shown on n4g? Whatever.

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Think about it like this. You roam around in an open world (small open world but still) where you can encounter random battles and if you win said battles, you gain experience points where you can level up your character.

Now of course, that's about as far as Yakuza goes to being an RPG but if going by definition then it just barely meets the requirements. Just barely.

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I think Sega forgot that Virtua Fighter exists :(

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lol wut

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That picture looks like Bert and Ernie are about to throw down.

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