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You should play AW1, it's fantastic

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Exactly my thoughts

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What? 2 is the best of the series...

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I have to say I never noticed this before but cant help lmao!

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None of those games hold a candle to bloodborne...

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Open world? Ew... you clearly don't understand what made the sequel's single player so good then do you.

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How about patch your ps4 first party games to run at acceptable framerates?

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What about inertia? What about virgil's force edge and Beowulf?

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Bloodborne needs the 60fps treatment!

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Great Game

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@itsmebrian tlou p2 runs at 30fps for both the base and pro. Not to mention many of the other AAA games on current gen consoles. You clearly are not a proper games if you are defending 30fps being the targeted framerate. Wipe the vaseline from your eyes my friend.

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Options should be mandatory for for every game. I'd rather play at 1080p60 than 4k30. People shouldn't be defending this.

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It is a joke, cant believe it.

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Why, in 2020 are we not targeting 60fps. It's a joke. That's what I thought we would be moving toward but no, we still more concerned with higher resolutions. Why!?

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Bloodborne is an absolute must - they didnt upgrade it to 60fps on the pro because it would be unbalanced for those on the base console. I didnt understand why they couldn't allow an option for online play at a higher framerate.

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Couldn't agree more. I'd love to play it at 60fps or higher.

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Spiderman would suit PC definitely. But, there is one game not on this list that should go to PC and that is Bloodborne (its a travesty that game can only be played in 30fps)

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Bloodborne next please...

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Not as 'terrify' of grammar in title for article

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Both amazing!

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