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Congrats guys.

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I did not write this article. Ars Technica did.

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I hope so too that NGP releases this year.

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SOCOM 4:US Navy Seals is known as SOCOM:Special Forces in PAL regions.

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summary is in the credit url (Ars Technica):


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sorry about that. I'll ask mods to fix the title.

Title should read Feb 7th.

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Yeah, $350 would be the right price for me too.

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sony already said it won't cost that much


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The PSP2 - she is beautiful :)

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This is not a dupe of previous hack news - this is an article/opinion piece on the issue.

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@ Arup02

Ubisoft’s highest-selling franchise is Raving Rabbids (29 million), not Petz.

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Both the software and hardware sales are new records for PSP, according to the article.

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imo, this has more to do with the upcoming Sony Ericsson's Android-powered Zeus Z1 (PlayStation Phone).

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It's not an official pic from Sony. Sony has not yet actually announced a PS Phone. It's all rumors and leaks for now.

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So its 2.5 million sales worldwide excluding Japan.

This is great news.

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any date for a Western release?

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true that

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Yeah, just because PSP2 is coming soon - it doesn't automatically mean PSP is dead.

Just like Sony is still selling both PS2 and PS3 - PSP and PSP2 can exist together, imo.

And PSP still has excellent support from Japan developers and gamers.

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Dead Rising 2: PS3 vs PC comparison:


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GOW3 and LBP2 use MLAA.

The PS3 version of Enslaved game doesn't use that tech because of the multi-platform engine. The game may also not be utilizing many of other hardware strengths specific to PS3.

This is another game where the PS3 version got held back because of the 360 hardware.

IMO, developers should use PS3-optimized engines for PS3 version of a game to harness full power of PS3, and not multi-platform engines which makes the PS...

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