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I didn't get past training area of Guardians nor Witcher 3. I just moved on to other games that were out at the time. Didn't mean they weren't good games just not games that got me interested.

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No. I spent 10 hours in a single area of Jemison before I even started playing the missions. Same can be done of really most any location. Just keep scanning the horizon and find a new location pop up. Rinse and repeat until there is no more areas to find. then you can move on. I have yet to fully explore even a single grid. Even the 10hrs stint on Jemison had more areas in the distance I spotted and did not completely explore.

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Someone thinks he is speedrunning Starfield. lol

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@vits. Obviously you have not played the game if you imagine the opening scene of Starfield only took 25 minutes to complete. lol

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The same reason they would take money from Sony to make it exclusive for 3 months. Money. They would be taking money from Xbox to pout it on Game Pass. That doesn't mean gamers can't buy it if they still want it. And for sure would drive further sales when it leaves Game Pass after 3 months.

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Zero hope because it won't be available on your system of choice maybe? lol

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"Is Creation Engine 2 new?
Bethesda's first new IP in a decade, Starfield, is groundbreaking because it debuts the all-new Starfield Creation Engine 2 at its core. As the successor to the original Creation Engine, the Creation Engine 2 is an overhaul that is a significant leap in technological advancement for the gaming industry."

This isn't using the old Creation Engine. It actually is using an OVERHAULED new Engine. Know what you are talking abo...

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The no journo websites trying their best to be noticed and gain traction. Doing everything they can to sound edgy so N4G and the like will pick-up their bad takes and spread them to the haters.

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@Crows90 & @Jin_Sakai

You are missing the point. A huge difference between someone hating on the game and being on every post and someone that enjoys the game and being on every post. If you don't know the difference then you might be one of the problems here on N4G?

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The cope... it reads like some still imagine a possible release on PlayStation. lol

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The program clearly stated that before any bans take place human eyes would be on it.

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If my 12 year old son is having no difficulty escaping then maybe others simply aren't trying hard enough?

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Haters gonna hate...

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Valhalla is not on GamePass.

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Ridiculous article. You can trade in your console and then spend just $15 more to buy another console.Who makes these articles and who thinks it is news worthy to be on N4G?

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@PunksOnN4G that was clearly shown to be false as the videos shown that devs argued on were even mentioned directly that it was UE5 gameplay and not UE4. The bulk of the videos shown were from the UE5 most recent offering from the Devs. and it was torn apart. Little to no textures, character models that appear to be 10 years ago. And editing of the video clip to make it look more interesting than it actually was. The devs are being eaten alive because of their poor takes. Talking on XSX SSD s...

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Most of the titles shown included initially are 1st party games that are permanent entries in Game Pass. The likelihood those titles are removed is low. There is a chance that others will see rotation but we have only heard of the insertion of added 2~3 games per year into the subscription service tier. It has basically turned into a sampling of Game Pass and the same online access as seen previously.

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Works for FF16 on PS5. lol

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@Externin8or3 The same did not apply to Starfield and Indiana Jones as they are unknown entities. You can only project potential sale at best. One is losing known equity while the other is potential equity not being earned. Completely different. If you don't understand the difference then maybe you shouldn't be talking on a subject you don't understand?

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Same reason why they didn't do it with the biggest game in their stable... Minecraft. It already had too big a user base to offset any potential earnings. Both starfield and Indiana Jones are unknown entities and only projected cost earnings are available. As we have learned with FF16... projections aren't always accurate. But for sure projected sales of a new IP to projected loses of current IPs are completely different beasts.

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