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Most people don’t want to take their controller apart.

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You can just buy a rechargeable battery for it, I know it makes the cost go up but it’s an easy option.

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You’re saying mind altering drugs are the same as someone having a bad day? Never heard that one before.

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The 260 million from big pharma trumps the 5 million from the nra a year. And you can go look who they give money too, nra doesn’t give much to democrats. I suppose you probably think the ash big pharma pushed opioids is great as well? Just get the doctors to give them to everyone and who cares if they get addicted and die. They do the same with mind altering drugs, if you can’t see it you just aren’t paying attention to anything but the profit driven media. They had to pick someone to blame...

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Would you stop the identity politics, why can’t I read about anything without somebody starting with the identity politics?

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You know how else I know? Doctors gave me some of these dangerous pills like Prozac, it scared the shit out of me when I was on it and started not caring about anything including if someone died. While on Prozac I could have just shot people and felt no remorse, and its the same for others as you can see. Its so obvious to anyone who has any kind of experience with these drugs, which are proven to not work for almost everybody 1992d ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment

where is the proof of anything you are saying?

Would you blame cars for people dying from drunk drivers? Mind altering drugs that are proven to not even help most people are far more of a problem! 1992d ago 1 agree2 disagreeView comment

that game has noticeable input lag on even native hardware, but the game is designed in a way that its not a big deal. Try playing a shooter or something where input lag needs to be low. I dont get the point of using all that data, running games on remote servers and just making the entire process more complex than it needs to be. We are getting to the point where even phones are fast enough to run console quality games like fornite at 60 fps, as time goes on the idea of streaming games becom...

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@darthv72 no, they send you the video little by little and your device processes it. Why are you arguing about something you have no clue about?

The worst part is you could just look this up on google, but you didnt and decided to just jump to your own conclusion which Im not even sure how you came to. If it worked the way...

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@darthv72 streaming video is still 100% processed by the users hardware, this is why streaming games makes no sense. You dont want to have to run the game for the user, just store the data. We are approaching the point where every device is powerful enough to run any game, why go cloud? It would make more sense to move to open apis and have games run natively on more devices, you can still easily setup walled gardens. Everyone pushing for it doesnt really understand what it means. Its way too...

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Nice straw man argument that doesn’t really address the problem.

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Actually no, the more people are worried about gun laws the more guns they buy. Guns are a tool, not a cause for the problem. NRA lobbying is also nowhere close to big pharma and prison industry lobbying, they also lobby democrats quite a lot more than nra. NRA is around 5 million dollars, big pharma is over 250 million a year. NRA seems to be supporting republicans, big pharma is just pushing their own agenda. You can research this at

It’s on two platforms, how is it exclusive? It wouldn’t have sold very much on Xbox anyway.

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5 was a killer co op game, people bought 6 hoping for the same. Also sales for a sequel often rely on the previous entry.

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and maybe try the game out, what have you got to lose?

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huh? They made by far the best battle royale game, and its free. If you like Titanfall you will most likely like this.

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How does running games server side make any sense in any way shape or form? In can see games being delivered digitally, but actually running them remotely is madness and nobody wants it.

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@kickSpinFilter take your fallacy arguments somewhere else, I said boys but I didnt mean only young people are shooters... I’m not going to google all of them, I encourage you to do it yourself but here is one now I’m sure you can find examples where this isn’t the case, but most of the time you will see the same pattern. Dangerous drugs and l...

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@jaycptza take away guns and these people will just find another way, they will drive into people walking on side walks, create bombs etc etc. You have to address the actual cause, not the symptoms. Fatherless heavily medicated boys/men are shooting people, not girls, not hunters, and not in other countries that have all the same media but not the drugs and mass incarceration of men for even non violent crimes (thanks Clinton and Reagan). There are also a ton of welfare laws that encourage pe...

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I dont think the NRA is much of a problem, its big pharma, prison industry, welfare rules etc etc... Most of these boys shooting everyone are fatherless and on dangerous medications. https://www.crisismagazine.... They want to talk about masculinity as a problem, yet the lack of masculinity is the biggest problem. Mind you, NRA isnt perfect and maybe we dont need certain more da...

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