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handheld games only.

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news flash ubisoft, most of your games are B level.

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i would love to play as zelda in a zelda game BUT...

why she needs to be a gender bent link and why link needs to be a prince???

i mean, she can't even use the master sword...
it need another type of gameplay and story.

a stealth game with sheikah zelda with link as a support character would be awesome.

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i don't know which game you saw, cuz MH 4 will have the old monsters and is revamping the way you play.

you will prolly have to relearn half the game again because is way more dynamic than before with way more ways to fight the monsters than before, and the monsters now using the scenario to attack you.

you should go see a hands on of the game, and when you see a tigrex bringing down a wall just to you lose balance on top of it, you will understand just h...

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so the completely overhauled dynamic of the game and the new monsters/stages interactions don't count as a upgrade, only graphics?

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ppl buy nintendo consoles to play nintendo games, until nintendo release the games everyone is waiting, ppl will not buy the console.

i will not buy it until at least monolith's X is released.

it's the same with handhelds, only brought my DS for pokemon and my PSP for Monster Hunter, only going to buy a 3DS when MH4 get's released here and will probably not buy a Vita.

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except steam has a offline mode where everything except multiplayer works and the game only needs connection to the net for the first activation.

i sniff a microsoft damage control group making this article...

they are very butthurt after valve dissed windows8 and started supporting linux.

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here you go...

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microsoft making a "hot" console is not really a good thing...

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that's just cruel valve...

somewhere in valve's HQ, Gaben is laughing at us

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it really doesn't matter if it's next-gen or not.

what really matter is if it will come with day 1 DLC, Microtransactions, always online and forced/focus on multi-player

i really don't care about graphics at all, but i do care about all this shit.

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didn't knew about that...
gotta keep a eye out for more news...

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so... it will be like a spiritual successor to blade runner?

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how it's like uncharted if it's a FPS?

damn this "gaming journalism"...

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"with cleavage all over the place"

uhhh... how exactly does that work? i thought cleavage were bust-specific...

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it's sad that the game completely botches the startup searching for new DLC...

the search goes up to 2 minutes and them more 2 just to timeout.

4 minutes to get to the main menu is too much, and them more 4 minutes everytime you get DCed or get kicked from a game.

the multiplayer is top notch and i would play it a lot more if it wasn't for this shit.

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that's what you get by buying a activision game.

should've brought torchlight 2, with lan play, mod support and everything else you guys wanted from D3.

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dunno about that, i am still using mouse and keyboard...

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this is just PR bullshit, it will be as crappy as all the other versions.

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while i do agree skyrim was generic, witcher 2 combat wasn't only generic as it was also boring.

they should stop dissing other ppl work and focus on making their own game better.

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