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The initial offer was only for 3 years. Then it became 10

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Games, maybe a movie, TV show.... anime?? a novel, various merchandise, collaborations with franchises like Genshin Impact

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Not so terrifying really

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The site should not be allowed here. It is owned by PeterOvo5 who is an Xbox fanboy and a PlayStation hater

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Microsoft puppet Tom Warren with the damage control. It's astonishing how many shills they have posing as journalists.

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Is there any evidence that it was permanent exclusivity?

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Xbox says Bethesda deal ‘was not done to take games away' from other platforms

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The initial FT headline was framed to help MS fight the CMA. FT loves MS...because they get ad revenue.

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Console war commandment - ''Thou shalt receive what ye give''. Kratos cannot jump, Spider-Man puddlegate, Miles Morales is just a DLC, boring HFW destroyed by Elden Ring, Returnal is a huge flop

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They take good care of their rich CEO

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Yes yes it will, hang on don't cry

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Just a fun experiment that's all, inaccuracies will ruin games

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Microsoft is very desperate, they will not leave this deal.

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because why not, the masses are crazy for COD

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Prominent Xbox logo in the ad and avoiding PlayStation which has the COD marketing rights. Well played MS.

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MS is using some clever PR and wordplay in this. 'Will Continue to Be There' means released games that are playable will not be removed. People may think AB games in general will continue to be on PlayStation in future. Only COD has been okayed by MS for 10 more years.

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It has disrupted the thought process.... "I will play this game when it will eventually be on Game Pass"

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Microsoft must acquire the retailers in Japan

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The dude just loves Microsoft

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Maria Cantwell is lobbying hard for the Activision deal to succeed. Microsoft is the biggest contributor to her political campaign

Cantwell: "Microsoft employees are some of the most dedicated and hard-working people in Washington state and around the world"

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