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Bring DBZ characters as DLC, and lets settle the age old fanboy question, once and for all!

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I don't see how they can't release FFVII in true HD with the original character models, lossless audio and improved textures. Heck, even modders did a better job, because the copy of FFVII I have uses remaster HD audio and I render it at 4k with better models to boot! At least this way it would be official.

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Wouldn't it be cool if we had a Hatred game, but based in the Middle Ages? Imagine the fun going around killing all the would-be royals walking the streets!

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That's sexist!!!

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They need to release this on PSN and Steam for VR headsets!

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I like how we went from PC gaming is dying, to all these Elite PC articles claiming the best way to play is on PC, and Master race FTW!

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Where the heck is the Dark Knight and Batman Begins costumes? They're like one of the most sought after, you would think they might consider it. Also,I want to see the Joker receive the Dark Knight, Heath Ledger look!

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I'm hoping they implement some kind of custom paint functionality similar to the Forza games, with physics like Forza Horizon.

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The war and blood-lust between these two companies I can taste through my computer screen.

Nvidia needs to stop crying victim and AMD needs to stop crying wolf!

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release date?

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If people want original games, then look elsewhere! After I buy all the remastered games I love Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve, Crapcom can go to hell!

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Although Vice City was a good representation of a fictional Miami, it doesn't do Florida environment justice. Florida is huge! There's the Everglades, swamps, beaches and many more islands surrounding Florida like the Florida Keys. Many more dangerous animals like the American Alligator and American Crocodile, Giant snakes, invasive species like the Anaconda and other exotic animals.

Florida is ripe for another chance, but with a bigger scope!

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Sadly, E3 isn't for the people, it's for the corporations!

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Do they give you the option to use the original Japanese voice overs?

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They still don't give the option to use the original Japanese voice overs?

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There's a reason why Golden eye, a 18 year old game is more known till this day, then Destiny or Titan Fall ever will!

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How can it, when it's the worst selling Nintendo console, ever!

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I bought a 85" Samsung 4k TV, and guess what? I still buy PS4 games!

Although I do have a gtx680 capable of playing most games on [email protected] and it looks fantastic!

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Does this make this the worst selling Nintendo console ever? Because I highly doubt this will reach Gamecube numbers when it's life span is over...

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Hope they offer the option to play with no AA

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