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So let me guess WowSoChill is now.... in the... Dude bro one bubble crew?

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That's a bummer. I was actually looking forward to this game as a break from the holiday blockbusters.

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Hardcore fans have real Uncharted tattoos not temporary.

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The Yakuza series is a Sega game which has a hardcore following, and mostly well recieved critically.

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The variety of the blows in which sony throws is awesome. Jabs, hooks and upper cuts.

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I just saw this actor in an old Law And Order just playing a small part but I thought to my self Holy Sh!+ it's the Shrink from Until Dawn.

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I didn't disagree that "it won't happen" but I do think it will sell more than 3-5mil in its life. That's where the disagree part came in.

13mil is pretty unrealistic in my humble opinion. It is StarWars, but I just don't see it selling that well with what is being offered. I know I am passing on the game because of that lack of a story mode. I got my MP fix with the beta and it was fun but it's just not my thing.

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As I was playing thru the remasters I noticed this very thing. I would be unloading on a guy that was walking straight to me and he was completely unfazed by the several rounds that I had unloaded into him.

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Wild was a show suprise for me.

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@breakpad I strongly disagree. Unit 13, Golden Abyss, Killzone, LBPV, Gravity Rush and Tearaway were all fantastic handheld First party games. I honestly think that if the Call of Duty game didn't bomb Vita would have stood a much better chance in the US

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I wouldn't be surprised if there are some hidden gems in this update in preparation for Paris next week. I really doubt that thay would have to do a system update to add a few stickers.

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God I hope they bring Folders to an update soon. Not because I care, but so I can stop reading demands for them every freaking day.

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It was my experience that Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, and Watchdogs were way less broken than AC Unity. Both were earlier games in the generation.

Unity was the last straw for me playing Ubisoft games at launch. Maybe after a month of so I would consider it.

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I love starwars and it still isn't enough for me. The lack of a story killed it for me. The Beta was ok enough, but for me a predominantly story mode player it lacks substance.

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No mention of Clickers from the Last Of Us. Hearing those through my headset terrified me.

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Agreed. I have yet to purchase one and never plan on it.

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I had that same problem with a 60gb launch DS3 controller. Super annoying on stealth games. Caused alot of unnecessary death. Hahaha

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Yeah, because the X1 reveal was mistake free @Martin


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"Hearts up the console war" hahaha

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They sure are a forgiving bunch eh? Totally forgive and forget all launch bs, then back to the front lines.

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