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I intend to buy the game new (lol at disagrees) but the pass only applies to the user redeeming it, leaving the other users not having access to the full game. Which in imo is almost as cheap a tactic as charging $15 for a map pack *cough* COD *cough*

but true perhaps the pros (online bonuses) outweigh the cons in this case

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really wanna buy bf3 this year but with all the talkin bout bf3 is gonna be 100% free, I believe it when i see it. My money is on that even though it will be free it'll req an online pass screwing over those who own a system with multiple users.

Scrap the online pass EA and I will def purchase BF3 day 1

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i actually used this as an opportunity to upgrade to a 160gb since my 60gb launch that died and was replaced by sony wth a refurbished unit was on its last legs (fan would go on turbo mode after being on for like 10sec). I just did the hairdryer fix and traded it in. Now enjoyin my 160gb :D

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@ above hope so!!

but it could also jus end up being an uncensored version of part 1 for ps3 with some extras, wasn't ps3 version censored (no blood)

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Dammit they need to bring the first anime to North America, i mean fansubs are fine but I prefer to have them all in a nice bluray boxset :)

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They were going for $99 here in Canada (Toronto) at BBV and staples sold out quick tho

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don't normally care bout H2H articles but decided I'd check it out since there's roughly one per week.

PS3 version blood effects looking slick, may end up grabbing this after the xmas break. But why is the 360 version so dark?? a couple of those screen shots, the character (ricky??) is covered in shadow reducing the details one sees on the character.

Is this a result of the cable setup used? not trying to start anything just genuinely intereste...

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looks good def grabbin a copy on release also.... flonne's an angel again??

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hellz yea i want me some pleather for breakfast :D

hoping konami make the NA release of NMH:paradise uncensored

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LOL man, god dammit

+bubbles i dunno how i missed that :D

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if true it may end up being something more in line with a spin off of the star wars unleashed series (thats move compatible), or it could end up just being a patch to the force unleashed 2 after all it does say:

"unleashed in 20011..."

emphasis on "unleashed" and SW the force unleashed ships real soon. . .
either way who wouldn't want some lightsabre 1:1 goodness :D

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interesting....but before one the Fox News' of the world start jumping on this ppl need to realize "correlation DOES NOT LEAD to causation". although there were great uses of controls in this experiment (from what i can gather) further examination would be needed to investigate any third factors that may (and likely would have seeing as it is in college) have affected all participants results in this research.

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when was the ps3 brought into this? I never mentioned ANYTHING about the ps3. Why would you assume that, with your logic you probably think the best selling car in America is American made (its not) you'd probably think American TV manufacturers dominate the industry in North America (they don't).

I was merely pointing out the fact that one cannot make a statment regarding a product in one market using data in regards to something as br...

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although i would have to agree with u in terms of units sold in america, the article in this regard is poorly written.

"Microsoft is slaughtering Google and Apple for prime position in AMERICA'S LIVING ROOM with the Xbox 360, which has sold over 41.7 million units AROUND THE WORLD and 25 million Xbox Live subscriptions." :|

now i'm aware that the bulk of 360's sales ARE in America, however the author appears to be unable to make ther min...

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i'm having more problem finding ppl to play certain game modes on gtar iv online

also no mention of lord of th rings conquest?
that game is now literally impossible to platinum as online trophies are unattainable due to servers now offline

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whats this about a NMH2 Hopper's edition containing a comic & NMH 1.5 and bonus cd
never heard of this beforehand looks badass


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anyone else stuck with the app in German? everything on my fb is english except this and i dont see a language option anywhere

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a physical copy, awesome game

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still doesn't fix Halo's crappy sp campaign (online is fun tho)

Also anyone else get a Kanye West vibe when reading this article

"Yo Greenburg, I'm really happy for you, I'm a Let you finish, but Gran Turismo is one of the biggest selling video games of all time!"

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the inclusion of the 3rd Birthday makes up for that, gone too long w/o some parasite eve info

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