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Not to mention most PC gamers prefer steam lol..

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Oh shut up, his buddy executives started caring about sales again once Xbox won 2 NPDs in America. You can't have it both ways.

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Despite the low score it is only a drop in all the great reviews. Good for Xbox and Microsoft.

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Bloodborne also had good graphics and gameplay and story to make up for it.

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The game has problems. If it gets bad reviews, you can't blame fanboys. sorry.

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Calling Bloodborne "niche" when those kind of games have a huge following. Huge following makes for good sales. And Sony is just now about to get into the meat of their big titles with Horizon, P5, God of War, Spider-man, Days Gone and whatever else Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch got planned

Edit: oh and GT Sport

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My guess is they didn't have much of a choice

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b-b-but media bias!

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At $500+ US Dollars

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How did Microsoft sell you on Scorpio? Oh right, you're Polygon.

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Let's stop beating around the bush, Sony devs are fooling around or they have too much time on their hands. Stop giving release dates on huge AAA games and they end up getting delayed. I'd rather they take a little backlash than being told "it's ok" all the time. Let's be real.

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Must not be that bad since there's a whole uproar about an exclusive deal

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I see you every where and you're always negative lol

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Lol why the downvotes?

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You're just a worried little Xbox fanboy, I bet you're scared for what could happen on September 7th lol

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It's streaming games. It's not running native on PC. So the resolution and framerate stays the same as on PS3, because it's a PS3 game. Many people fail to understand this.

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I can't wait for God of War. Gonna be huge

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@mocaak yea the media totally has a boner for Sony and will never praise Microsoft. That's why there has been anti-Sony articles everywhere all week for the people who think the media is bias and Sony can't get backlash. Also where were you half of last gen? A lot of Xbox fanboys are terrible and just as bad as the Sony fanboys .

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Xbox is different because their games are literally being ported to PC and they're masking it with the phrase "Xbox Anywhere" and it includes every release on Xbox one. PS Now is streaming PS3 exclusive classics, not PS4

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