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They don't need to answer DC Universe. I'm pretty sure that two MMOs can coexist. Plus they play differently enough to have different users. WoW is so big right now that any other MMO that tries to compete has a LOT of aspects that must be great in order to contend.

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Hire better scriptwriters, Team Ninja!

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No, Square Enix. We hate generic, sexually ambiguous character-led, run-of-the-mill plotted RPGs.

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So says the guy who said that Flower was his favorite game last year lol

I heart Jaffe

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 for me so far.


2. Red Dead Redemption
3. Mass Effect 2
4. God of War 3
5. Heavy Rain
6. No More Heroes 2
7. Lunar Silver Star Harmony
8. Alan Wake
9. Splinter Cell: Conviction
10. Final Fantasy XIII

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Top 5 for me so far:

1. God of War 3
2. Mass Effect 2
3. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
4. Yakuza 3
5. Final Fantasy XIII

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Not as long as Nintendo still makes Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and Pokemon games

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My top 5:

1. MGS4
2. God of War 3
3. Uncharted 2
4. Flower
5. inFamous

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@ M4I0N3 - "Agent and L.A Noire have very similiar settings so expect them to be released far apart from each other."

Explain to me how 70s Cold war era and 40s noir-style settings are similar??

That said - they are both open world games so I hope R* is taking time to polish them since they already have RDR confirmed this year.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the GOTY comes out of little fanfare and blindsides us with awesomeness. My GOTY last year (imo) was Dragon Age, which I originally looked at and said "yeah, right, Baldur's Gate rip-off!" Well, after playing it, I stood corrected.

ME2 and GOW3 will get the GOTY hype but I wouldn't be surprised if some unknown game that comes out in the 4th quarter will be mind-blowingly awesome.

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it's a good game, but what innovation does Dante's Inferno bring to the genre?

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Well, you did label it as a rumor or speculation so I'll treat it as that. It's all good though and opinions are what they are. But still....Halo: Reach having amazing graphics?? Did we see different trailers here? Uncharted 1 looked better than that and Resident Evil 5 even. I wasn't impressed at all by that, but MOH and Spec Ops got me souped up.

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Uncharted 2 should have been # 2, but I totally agree with number 1!

Dragon Age, my personal GOTY, woot!

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nevermind lol

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still labeled under PS3 news?

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yup my thoughts exactly....no way should bejeweled and wii sports be in there at all.

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1. MGS4
2. Mass Effect
3. Uncharted 2
4. GTA 4/Episodes from Liberty City
5. Bioshock
6. TES 4: Oblivion
7. LBP
8. Super Mario Galaxy
9. COD4/MW2
10. World of Warcraft

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No LittleBigPlanet? No MGS4? No Mass Effect?

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I don't know what this guys is talking about. Dragon Age: Origins is brilliant. GOTY for me so far.

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Nope, Treyarch will live in Infinity Ward's shadow. They're tried with two games, but still can't top any of IW's efforts. When it comes to FPS, IW is king.

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