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Mario’s exclusivity closes an iconic game off

Am I a jOuRnAliSt now?

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So copy paste?

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@lucian at that time a lot of people were angry so it seemed to me that they (or atleast the director) was hinting that certain events might be different but overall story would be the same. But anyway, it doesn’t matter now since they cleared it all up

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They said that earlier in response to the backlash I guess, but now they’re embracing it

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Thanks for mentioning the areas thing! When I was young I really liked kh1, and then I played the gameboy one and I really liked the card system. When kh2 came out I liked it but not as much as 1, 2 had areas which were a lot smaller and a lot more linear, bosses weren’t as challenging as 1 (maybe due to 1 having some frustrating controls), and the summons in 2 were lame compared to 1. But 2 improved a lot in terms of action and gameplay. After that I played the ds game and hated it so muc...

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isnt there a "her" in "heroes" ?

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Why was “pcgamer” using a switch in the first place?

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"People die every day from all kinds of shit".
All kinds of shit people die from like your mentioned heart attacks don't really spread to others so, you know just go about your ignorant ways man

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Not surprised, they overworked Ono until he got hospitalized and then fired him (the man who was in charge of street fighter 4, which many feel is better than 5)
Capcom is pretty scummy especially with how business life is in Japan

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Lmao truth!

(They'll end up saying the shadows of fate or whatever those, moronic creatures were, won't allow you to traverse certain areas)

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This is so stupid, we don't eat pigs. It's not like we can't see a picture of a pig or a pig itself out in the open 😅

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But at the same time I dont see how ff15 is something people would wear on a daily basis without them trying to achieve a certain look (this to me feels edgy but my view on it might be wrong, or I'm using the wrong words)
Matrix was the definition of edgy before, so I could be stuck there still, and that's become more normalized

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Well animes themselves changed a lot, there's a big difference between jojo and let's say steins gate. Within jojo itself there's a transition with outfits hair etc. But the overall asthetic, the one that pops up as "anime" is out there and has a certain feel to it I guess

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I'm the opposite of this, matrix was cool we don't need to try too hard with the edgyness. For me as a kid I didn't appreciate the flashy costumes as much (and I know a lot of them are so tacky) but I would like to see more colors and more flashiness (especially in rpg and fighting games)

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I agree with naruga. I think vaatividya, explained what you are trying to point out

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Try ff's 6-10
Ignore everything after 10

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Uhh clicking the link opens a page with this title:
"Ubisoft clarifies that Trackmania is subscription-based, but 'it's not the point' "

Why does it say "is not subscription" on n4g when the original artical says "is subscription"?

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God of War got banned in the middle east because it had the word "God" in it. Games get banned in the middle east from time to time (maybe one game every 2 years or so), but retailers still manage to sneak them in (and Jack up the price lmao). Also, in the end everyone just changes their digital store and buys the banned game regardless

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It's weird saying that it doesn't have an art direction when it does everything an old school samurai movie did, it's like a video game homage to those movies, isn't that the art direction?

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