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In SWTOR, an officially licensed star wars game, they can (do). So your feelings, while great and all, have no basis in reality.

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No, but they shouldn't be forcefully stretching the plot like the currently are.

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You not hear of AC1?

Aka the game that actually started as a Prince of Persia game?

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I'm a huge halo fan and Nightfall was terrible.

You think halo can do no wrong no matter what. Perhaps consider pulling your head out of the ground.

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The settings they've been getting into have been rather lacking in the cool factor. Yes it will be interesting to run around victorian London, but not really a whole games worth. 18th century america was a place I was actually interested in seeing, what with the frontier and all, but maybe that's just me.

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I kinda expect his face to be the final goodbye to him, when he dies or whatever. That way, he can be whoever the players want him to be. but once he dies and the player no longer inhabits him, it's John. They made it incredibly obvious in halo 4 that they are more interested in him being John, the person, than the invisible "master chief".

I fully expect him and blue team to die at the end of their saga (not halo 5, specifically). They're kinda like the...

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To be fair, the outdoors in AC3 and pirate ship in 3/4 were pretty fresh. Any sense of freshness was lost in unity when they removed all that and brought the game back to its core...without making it fresh.

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The sense of a global, historic conflict seems diminished. It feels like Unity may as well have existed in an alternate universe. This seems no different.

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I'm worried it will end up looking like a warcraft ciematic with live action human actors thrown in. While their cinematics are amazing and all, having it not be fully cinematic will make it look silly.

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They were so scared of "confusing" people with who the didact was that they didn't even bother explaining a damn thing about him. Laughable. Did no one on the infinity wonder WHO he was? WHY he was trying to kill them? WHAT requiem is? WHAT the floating orb was? This isn't deep fiction, these are core components of the story that they couldn't bother to answer within the story itself.

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The story felt inconsequential compared to previous games. It didn't feel like you were changing the course of history, you were just kinda...killing templars in paris...oh boy. Games like AC3, for all their faults, felt large in scale, like you were effecting the history of an entire nation. Being limited to one city feels small. Who cares if you take care of the templars in paris? The ones one major city over are stillllll there.

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Undercurrent of sexism? If you can take this article even remotely seriously after reading that.... 99% of game deaths have male characters die. Does that make them sexist against men? This article is completely fking bogus SJW nonsense.

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I found a historical inaccuracy as well: there wasn't actually a group a hooded individuals who were fighting a secret war with a group of bureaucratic individuals trying to control the course of history.

But of course, it is a secret war, after all.

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I'm going to write on article about how it was teased back in 2012, because you're in London in the beginning of AC3.

Not srs.

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The romanticism of being as assassin seems to be completely missing. It's gone from fighting a global war against tyranny to fighting gangs in a single city.

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All they did is remove most of your abilities and make you have to level up to re-learn them.


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Don't buy the game.

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No. About 5 are.

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Any new modern MMO is so far behind in terms of features and content...they'll never catch up.

People were saying the SWTOR should be compared to vanilla wow since wow had 8 years to improve. Turns out that 8 years ago is not today. Go figure.

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God forbid they start at the beginning.

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