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no congrats at all. fuk that game. Ghost of Tsushima is outselling it. its just biased gaming journalism politics. fuk neil druckmann

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yes it absolutely is a waste of resources, and the gain from it is hardly even noticeable. If the devs are good, they will be able to replicate life like lighting and shadows and nobody would even know that there's no RTX.

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you don't need ray tracing to have amazing real life looking lighting in video games, demon souls is a demonstration of that and proof. My God people are so ignorant. They just read and hear how awesome ray tracing is without truly knowing what it exactly is, and they mindlessly will think something is bad if a game doesn't have RTX. educate yourselves seriously, you're making yourself look bad. Glad developers are savvy enough not to listen to this outcry.

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I wish people wouldn't care so much about resolution. Would rather we focus on 1440p or dynamic 4K at 60fps is literally the best thing to happen to gaming. Seamless transition between native 4k/upscaled 4k/1440p and maintains a 60fps.

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im not excited about this game at all. Give me Spiderman 2, not interested in these offshoot games. 8-10 hrs and $50 later. No thanks.

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ok idk why this is getting so much attention. this is basic stuff. Anything techwise today is designed with certain specification and to run in a certain manner. Its normal once an item enters consumers hands, sony collects data from how the console is performing and how CPU and GPU are running. This is all data that is normally collected anonymously, and then they make optimizations here and there where needed. Among the optimizations that can be made is to the fan.


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ill upgrade anyway cuz i hate HDD. I dont want any old ass obsolete tech from an era long gone. Its shameful to have HDD in the home.

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its not going to be quiet for long. The games currently being made for it aren't going to be as demanding as the games that will release in a year or two from now. Additionally, as dust naturally accumulates on the machine, it will need to work harder for the console to stay cool and so the fan speed with increase.

That being said, given the size of it and the amount of space there is for the consoles components to breath, it will be an overall quieter console, but re...

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terrible. Why couldnt they do 1tb like xbox series x? WHo's providing the better value here? seriosuly wtf is 825gb when ur 160gb is reserved for system. Hopefully they unlockj some of it at least later on

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not really stupid. if you're on PC you are probably connected to the interent 99% of the time, so whatever games you play off steam or wherever, you are probably still connected to internet.

As for console, I cant remember last time I played while not connected to online services. It's better to be online just like how we all are online via out smartphones. I'm pretty sure at least 90% of people booting up theoir PS4 today are already connected online. It...

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so gamepass is typically gonna have 3rd party games that are either 6 months old or longer so by then the devs have made their money and then some, and gamepass give the dev's game more exposure. Games on gamepass dont stay on gamepass forever. Now games by Microsoft studios ie. exclusives will stay on GP forever and are party of the service and are added to GP from Day 1 of release. It is truly insane value. I currently have Gamepass ultimate and LOVE IT. there's no downsides to...

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I personally have yet to face this issue, and ive poured hundreds of hours across all my games with the joycons and no issues.

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so normally these next gen games are gonna cost anywhere from $50-$70. This MM game is normally $50, and for the additional $20 you will have remastered version of the game included. It's not bad value at all. The original game looks amazing, you probably wont need the remaster at all, so if you are interested in this game, just get Spiderman MM standard and save yourself the $20.

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why is nobody talking about racther and clank? Ratchet and clank is a brand new ps5 true next gen game and demon souls is a next gen game albeit remastered but the differences after watching vide of difference side by side is mindblowing. They did phenomenal job with game it may as well be new. So essentially we have 2 PS5 exclusives, which is not far from what we have seen previously. dont u guys remember ps3 had prtty much only resistance fall of man to play? thats just one game lol. A...

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It has always been the case and fairly normal when next gen console launches there will be games playable on both previous and new gen console. This has always been the case like with PS3 and PS4, so why is this surprising? Also, lets be real and not fool ourselves, Spiderman MM and Horizon are essentially PS4 games that are basically remastered for PS5. Demon Souls is only acceptable next gen game, even though the level design and vision for the game is still based on old 2013 hardware, b...

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What're you talking about. this collection is amazing and what we have all been asking for. Nintendo did amazing. The limited run is for the physical edition onlky.

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you may joke about it but honestly Gamepass is absolutely the best value in gaming so far. hundreds of games you can just download and play for $5? can Sony match that deal? They haven't so far, but I hope they do. xbox has two really strong features going for it that will make it successful for the long term: 1) full Backwards compatibility of xbox games library which is really nice out of the box, and 2) gamepass which is as mentioned above, is amazing value for us.


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It's crazy to me sony still releases these so called stability updates for years and the PS store still runs like garbage and the PS UI is crap and runs slow from time to time with rediculous lag, like it can't handle running its own features of having a game suspended in background and opening PS Store which only loads correctly half the time and the other times i have to exit, sometimes restart my P$4 PRO just for things to become smooth again. As a console, Sony has a long way to ...

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you hate playing with bots because historically bots have not been helpful and don't behave optimally. In the near future, we will have games that incorporate "smart NPCs" that understand the player and react accordingly you will be able to talk to them. It's exciting stuff. Also, regarding playing solo and switchin to different character, hopefully we will be able to have the SS all in a party and you can maybe switch to any of them at will kind of like how you switch be...

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I was suprised the price of games didn't go up when we jumped to PS4 and they still charge $59.99. Games are expensive. I think all PS5 games are gonna be $69.99, or at the very least, developers of AAA games will charge that, maybe not everyone.

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