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Eratosthenes was a random kind of guy, lol

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Thanks for the reply and also entering the ticket. I tried to report this article but for whatever reason it would not let me submit it. I noticed N4G was acting a little laggy so I just figured there were other issues going on. I'm still kind of bent cause PSN is still down and I wanted to play GTA5 online. :P

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Pretty bad when google wont let you visit because of malware. Why are there so many gaming sites with malware? And I associate most of it from linked sites from N4G. Can we have some sort of ban for people who link sites that are confirmed to contain malware? And can we also take down articles that will send you to a site with it?

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Is anyone else hoping they port over Resident Evil 4? I like RE4 better than RE5. It would be cool if they did a remake like they did with God of War I & II with upgraded graphics, trophies and Move support. I have the PS2 version and the Wii version and I would love to see this ported to the PS3.

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I played through a new game(not new game+) and cleared through in just over 6 hours. But my first play through took me like 50 hours. Really once you know where certain items are, how to get through the levels and beat the demons it's not that hard as long as your not playing through new game+. I absolutely love this game, I wish they would have DLC for the broken Giants Archstone.

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Consoles forgot to mention that the only way to kill him is to use fire.


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Well lets wait for the article that comes out in the next couple of days saying Uncharted is a bane on gaming, that comes from some random blog from Makebelivia that somehow gets approved.

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I think this article is on to something. I mean why would you want a commercial everyone liked and thought was funny. Why on earth would you want a spokesman that everyone loved to pitch your product? That's crazy talk.

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I'm pretty sure it is sports champion or Amazon is going to be in trouble.


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I'll bet one of those trophies are dependent on getting a pure bladestone. It took me like 4 hours of running back and fourth from the end of the 4th runestone to get that. It was by far the hardest trophy to get, but I eventually got my platinum. Cheers!

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Do you think that if someone had their curtains open in their living room while playing with Kinect, and someone just walking by happen to see them, they would call the Madhouse? I bet their expression would be priceless.

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Is this the UK starter pack? Because the US started package is shown with Sports Champion.

Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/pr...

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Kinect is more advanced than the PS Eye, but the biggest difference is the price. Right now you can get a PS Eye for $32 on Amazon. So the PS eye is almost 1/5 the cost of Kinect. If Microsoft did come out with something similar to Move and lets say they can match Moves prices of $80 for a set, then the total cost for Microsoft would be $230. Compared that to $129 for a Move set.

I think predicting if Kinect is going to fail or not is a little premature and ultimately up to t...

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I totally agree with that. I still don't understand why they announced KillZone 3 and Little Big Planet 2 before E3, especially since they still had live demos of them during the show. Wasn't their explanation for the early announcements because they had too much to show?

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Kevin Butler - Good
Marcus - Bad

I would rather watch those stupid crying baby commercials than the new ones they showed featuring Marcus. They already know we love their new VP of Everything, so why shove this kid down our throats?

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+bubble for NAMBLA reference.

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I completely agree. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made MK vs DC. I never played it and I'm sure it had it's moments, but the thing with Mortal Kombat, it was always about the fatalities. It would be like having Uncharted without Drake, Halo without Master Chef, God of War without Kratos, Metal Gear without Snake, Super Mario without Mario.

I realize with my analogies these are characters and not a gaming aspect, but I think it fits because those cha...

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OK let me put out these disclaimers,
1. I don't own an Xbox
2. I love my PS3 and I am almost level 13 in trophies as proof.
3. I think that GreenRing is a troll and deserves some grief from the community for his obvious trolling.

OK, now with that out of the way, what on Earth are you talking about? I mean if reading a comment on these forums makes your dick go limp, then I can only assume that normally you have a hard on while your reading these ...

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Absolutely agree. I don't have to pay sales tax which is 7% where I live, and is usually $2-3 cheaper than retail. That usually saves me anywhere between $6-7 per game compared if I just went and bought it at Gamestop or Wal-Mart. They also have free shipping and release day delivery, plus these $10-20 deals. Hard to look anywhere else with all that Amazon has going for it.

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I agree that any article published by HHG is not worth reading because it's all speculation that he pulls out of no where. But what you said I don't believe to be accurate. The prefix "un" in uncovered can mean not covered, but in this case I'm sure the definition that should be used is to reveal. I believe if your going to break down exactly what was typed:

"In this case there’s still some story left in David Jaffe’s brain that hasn’t been uncovere...

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