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Ok let be a little clearer on the subject of the $79. You would only pay that amount if you had passed on the other content. (The dark below and House of wolves) If that was the case then you are getting much more time than 4 hours with the Taken King Collectors addition that you are quoting @jmc8888. Each expansion was about 2-4 hours of game time if all you did was story and end game content. I am assuming here that you used LFG or your friends to do the raids and Prison of Elders. If you t...

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I think we "The PS4 community" should block "KirmitTHEfrog" from your friends-list. This will not only keep you from dealing with this douche ever, but will also prompt you if he joins your lobby. If we all do this he eventually will not have anyone to play with as his options for parties will be very small.

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Im in 2100k left!!!!!!

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@Dlacy13g - I agree that he didn't say that MGS4 was a bad game, he said it was passive. I have no problem with that, what I have a problem with is him saying that in conjunction with "passive is on its way out" and "we are not trying to make a game like MGS4.

That is what my post was about, and that's all!

He set him self up with the comment before to look like a stab at MGS4. (which I believe he meant to do without it looking like a direct stab)

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Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game THAT THEY SHOULD BE TRYING TO MAKE!!!! Lets be real!!!

A game that has an IP run of over 20 years!!!!

Multiple console and system releases everything from Pc's to Xbox to PlayStation, even cell phones!!!!

CliffyB has zero room to talk. This is like Kobe saying that Jordan isn't the best basketball player of our time. Kobe is good any all but he doesn't have as many championships as Jordan to back up the stat...

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I would rather have to wait a 8 mins to play MGS4, than to have to worry that my system is going to get RRoD soon. O.... too late it just happened while playing NG2. NO SERIOUSLY it just happened to me yesterday. 5/5/2006 - 6/11/2008 I am so pissed!!!!! I guess it had a good run for a launch system. Sorry I just had to vent, please don't take this the wrong way.

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I think that the episodic content is pointless. First how many of you have actually played all parts of any of the GTA’s? That’s to say you did every last mission, sub mission, story, sub story and then all of the RC bombing’s (car and helicopter), car collecting, motorcycle collecting, packaged finding, and so on and so on? I would bet money none of you.

Neither have I, so what makes two new pieces of episodic content, that are the size of Vice City and San Andreas, all that ap...

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The game looks the same and will feel the same based on your TV setup!!!!
First off the game sucks, well not really, but it will look just like 07 graphically. I have hope for the game because of the new weapon system, but we will have to wait to see how that does in terms of game play. But graphically I don't think we will see an update for some time. I personally like 2k sports games better!

As for the frame rate thing, its pointless because it will be a TV setup issue...

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First off the game sucks, because madden 08 looks just like 07. I only have a glimmer of hope because of the new weapon system. We will have to wait and see how that does in terms of game play. But graphically I don't think we will see an update for some time.

As for the fram rate thing, its pointless because it will be a TV setup issue or a personal preference issue. Most movies are recorded at 24fps and we don't complain about that so way are we doing this comparison again?...

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$2.50 for a mag digitally distributed, compared to $8 at the store, fine, and if I got a yearly subscription it would be more like $4-$5 and delivered to my door. But thats not the point! I think that most people that are really concerned with where do we go from here!

We all remember the EA debacle with all the downloadable content that we had to pay for but was actually already on the disc, this is a similar concept that people are worried about.

What will the...

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PSN is looking great right now. I just updated my PS3 to 1.90 from 1.50, Why....... well you (should)know why. But the other day I had to break down and just do it. The network is just getting to good now. I also add 3.51 m33-7 to my PSP and tried the "over the internet connectivity". DAMN that thing is great. I can set up the pS3 and my computer (media server WMP11) before i leave and while I am out I can listen to music, look at videos, show friends and family new photos, and .......

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The Ps3 is region code-less. That means you can just import it from Japan. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!

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Really dose it matter. Halo 3 will sell like “hot cakes” either way. People just want to see how the fight ends anyways. To tell you the truth I don’t that Halo 3 will be that much better that Halo 2 graphically at all. Here are my reasons.

1. Halo is a multi million dollar franchise. Because of this they will not want, or even have the liberty, to re-vamp the graphics. If they gave H3 a graphical remake and it didn’t hit the make of H2 or it’s fans expectations. Most people w...

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First where in my first post did I put anything negative about this news. For that matter how is a slogan at the end of a statement that just praised the new information have anything to do with how people interact in the real world. Do people actually use this logic and reasoning out in public out in the world, and act nice to others. Yes!!!! It's called respect and tolerance towards others. Something you obviously don't know anything about.

I don't care you go to a FF or GT t...

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You really don't think that I know the Welcom3 chang3 is a PS3 slogan? Read my past posts. I have been putting this at the bottom for a while now. Why do you ask?

Because I think that people should be gamers FIRST!!!!! If good news comes out about ANY system I welcome it and embrace that opportunity for progress in the gaming industry. Not like some people who only praise good information it when it's for their fan boy system. (whichever one that is)


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It might be nice if you could choose the amount of respawns on the other games types as well. Like warzone with something small like 3 respawns. I'm looking forward to whatever they are going to do. Free is always welcome.

"Jump in" and "Welcom3 Chang3"

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I would agree that X360 is a great option. (thats why I have one) But so is the PS3!!!!

I would agree that there are a lot of theories that surround the PS3, but I don’t think that they are untrue, maybe unsubstantiated on the system, but not unfounded or untrue. Also I’m not the one of those people that is using these unsubstantiated claims in order to slam the X360. I only use what i know to be factual at the time of my post. However I would say that there is a lot of slammin...

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Not to be grouped with the other people that made comments. (Because if you look at the time mine was posted you could see that mine came first but it took time for me to gather my thoughts so I ended up last. I just don't want you to think I was just jumping on the bandwagon)

I agree that Blu Ray is great tech and I understand that you believe Sony hyped it up to be so all important, but even though I agree it still doesn’t change the fact that Blu Ray is an advantage over DVD...

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Well no, But Blu Ray disc’s are an enabler. It enables you to leave media uncompressed. Now I know that we live in the world of compression, we compress everything music, movies, features, it’s just our way of life. But is compression better? I would say no. Is it useful? I would say yes.

Blu Ray is not necessary or some end-all-to-be-all solution, however to say that it is not useful or an advantage for gamers is short sighted. I don’t know if you own a PS3 THAMMER1. But I do ...

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You have some good points but just about every good point I can dissect and give you a different way to look at the situation so let’s start!

360 elite:
HDMI + largest 1st party HDD 120 gigs. HDMI ((included)). Still no Wi Fi. M$ compression tech. proves that HD DVD & Blu Ray are not needed for a console yet. Same games selection and rumble standard in all joysticks. Price $480.00

I agree with this section all except that part about MS co...

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