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GT5 looks better than Forza3, it runs 60fps, and hits higher than 720p resolution w/16 high res vehicles on a track w/particles dynamics/and interiors that aren't blocked out by black tinted glass.

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Its a smart move considering what BF3 is going to do to COD..

Can't rely on it & only it.

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[entire post deleted]

Ya know what? Yes Deadpoole, Dice is going to ship a game with severe contrast problems, to where you literally can't see anything in shade...they have no idea what HDR is..

I mean really?
Do you think thats a high res direct feed representation of:

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Sure, It has nothing to do with PS3 vs 360.

Jaffe doesn't throw competition under the bus. He doesn't make comments about the 360's hardware/peripherals in any disparaging way -- constantly.

Jaffe speaks his opinion about gaming, and backs it up. Then clears up the Fanboysite twists. Not just a quick jab at "I like Kinect better than Move." Jaffe doesn't fan the flames of fanboyism by joining their ranks c...

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I liked spec ops.

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[anyone responding. Don't pick and choose arguments out of what I'm saying. In summation, I'm saying the 360's hardware is less powerful due to its exclusive and multiplatform lineup being technically inferior to PS3 exclusives. I'm saying you can't use MULTIPLATFORM games since it depends on developer, some run better on PS3, others on the 360. But when a developer like Remedy tries to work the 360 out, it fails on a technical level, wher...

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Thoughts on Turn10?

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So in other words, these idiots just want the OLD GTA franchise, like before the flop of 4. Bigger scale, meaningful side missions, more weapons, more vehicles,etc.

I'm still in shock at how terrible GTA4 was. I've never been bored playing a GTA game, and I've done the top down ones with a grin ear to ear. I just couldn't force myself to finish it.

Oh, also it sounds like they need to play Saints Row, actually, all of you do if you are looki...

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Yeah, he was confused. He thought variety in gameplay meant having vehicles/destruction/scale etc.

Silly fool, Variety = 60fps with nothing going on in a dated engine with defunct lighting in a small minuscule map, learning all the camping spots since they never change, nading your kill cam, and getting verbally assaulted by children that are too young to play the game legally.

lol, jokes on HIM huh Pekolie!!

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Add Rocksteady to the list, and they are more novice at the PS3 than these n00blets.

Face it, you guys didn't hire the right people.

Hell even Valve changed their tune.

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"We're Not Trying to Force Anything"

Well then show your consumers 1 core/Traditional 360 exclusive title for every Kinect title.. Hell, 1 for every 5 kinect title would be ok...

But thats not going to happen, I guess its technically not forcing if you have choic...oh wait..

it is.

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In what world does COD look better than any top rated FPS? Are you talking about Haze or something???

It has 60fps because nothing is going on in the engine besides people running around miniscule maps, camping, and watching kill cams.

COD PR needs to stop hyping 60fps when they aren't doing 1080p native, large maps, 32 players, ANYTHING DYNAMIC in MP.

You can make GTA4 60fps if you want, you could just shrink the world down, remove 1/2 the...

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Sony's games are hyped differently imo. They are hyped based on tangible factors. Not advertising campaigns with budgets that could have made an Uncharted4.

1. Gameplay,Story,Tech,Visuals not seen in competition. = True.
2. GDC/Media Awards for said tech = true.
3. GOTY awards, more than HL2. = True
4. More gameplay variety = true.
5. Defining the "BAR" to be compared to.. ie competition "Our game will look better than Unchar...

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Yeah, but its not like there's anything else to wait for.

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You guys always say the same thing: "Buh buh buh it doesn't sell"

If it didn't sell, you wouldn't have sequels..

1. Uncharted
2. Warhawk
3. Socom
4. Killzone
5. Motorstorm
6. MLB
7. Infamous

Microsoft doesn't have exclusives, because they don't have the capacity to pump them out, nor do they care to give their audience real exclusive content. Even when the make a Ba...

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Clarkson Voice Over:

"Most underwhelming screenshots, in the world..."

PC's are the king of visuals, consoles are the king of visuals & variety. Everyone wants to run to the PC to use it as defining bars for gaming, when its been totally ignored this gen as gamers didn't want to spend "6000 dollars to play crysis on a keyboard..duur.."

There is no PC car sim that trumps GT5 visually.

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No, its because Nick & His site = nothing but flamebait titles.

Then he pretends to not notice. Just like HHG..

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It's not like there are any other headliner titles on the 360 that are occupying time.

Would be uprising if the 360 had a lot of titles out and did the same, but when its the only 360 core title, not too jaw dropping. Theres always e3 though, and next year...

Oh wait, E3 is nothing but Kinect games & a car game that doesn't appeal to car enthusiasts according to its sales.

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Yeah its going to be EPIC battles with 24 players..

lol.. consoles.

Yeah the sound is sick!

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