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One name, Sony: Abby.

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You guys remember Socom? I liked that game a lot. Part 2 and 3 were my faves. I'd like them to bring that one back.

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I'm 80 hours in on pc (a mxture of both single player and some multiplayer in a different "story"). I'm picking up the ps5 version to play with the wife in the living room with the big sound system. I fucking love this game. Never have a played an rpg with so many options. It's ridiculous. You can push people off cliffs!

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Heck yeah. Now THIS is a real RPG. So much that I'll buy it a second time so my wife can play from the ps5.

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Lol downvoters know what I'm talking about ;)

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I totally agree with you. They released maybe 1 new game per major IP they have for the switch and just remade everything else. People fucking stuffed it down their throat faster than Nintendo could port their shit again. They really don't have to do much for their audience - just remake a remake and do it again! They'll love it!

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My friends called me crazy not to trust digital. Years later, I will now tell them I told ya so. Been a disc man forever.

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