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Rise is a very good game. The monster riding thing is neat and can help quite a bit with breaking parts off.

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I was iffy on avowed just because it was first person only. With this added I will be picking it up now.

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I don't think xbox has beat ps5 in revenue In 2 years...since the supply constraints.

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Why have QA when modders fix ur game for u

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I really tried to get into this game as I love Bethesda games. Put 40 hours into and even bought the 100$ edition...but this game just isn't good. It's an ok title at best. Dosnt have any of the charm that elder scrolls or fallout has. It's incredible how bland this game is despite having the opportunity to create a whole new universe..literally, and they give us this mostly human universe with the same things to do over n over just on a different named planet.

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I don't think he said starfield looks bad, cyberpunk looks better though and has wayy more going on. There was no reason for starfield to be 30 fps. It was an unfinished game when they released it. You could tell just with the do u release a game with the maps they had for cities? In was terrible.

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I started out playing suikoden 3 as my first one on ps2. Fell in love with the series.

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Been looking forward to this game for awhile. Huge fan of the suikoden series.

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Wccftech or something like that had articles all the time saying false things about ps5 even before it launched. RDNA can't do fsr2..first game with fsr2 was on ps5. First game with fsr3 is also on ps5. It's wild how many believed that stuff.

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Anyone remember when articles left and right saying ps5 couldn't do fsr3?

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While I can't argue for amd gpu, they aren't bad but they aren't great either. The cpu for amd have great. I would argue the 7800x3d as one of the best cpu for gaming right now. Idk about editing so I take ur word for that but gaming amd cpu is a great option these days.

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Cpu-7800x3d and gpu-6800xt
I haven't got to the city yet to see how bad it gets. There is definitely room for optimizations. But overall things have ran decently for me.

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Those same things they are selling can be found Ingame as well. U can buy the character editor through merchants with gold. Don't get me wrong..I dislike these mtx they are doing but you don't need to buy them to be able to get them.

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Issues come in one of the larger cities from what I can tell. But it's just lower fps but outside of that it's not bad. I get anywhere from 75-110 on highest settings at 1440p in most areas.

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Agreed. I even bought the 100$ edition and still haven't used the battlepass it came with. I played last epoch more than d4 recently.

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Also at the time when RC released it was only possible on ps5 at the time. Direct storage was not implemented onto pc at the time which is why it works now. Direct storage is the only reason why it works on pc with hdd

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I think it's open world. Other than that idk. This game isn't going to do well unfortunately due to dragons dogma 2 releasing same day.

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It's on ps5 as well.

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I have not played ranger but I'm playing in a group and one is a ranger, she enjoys it quite a bit. U get a pet that lvls ith u and adds armor as it lvls up which is cool. So eventually u have an armored bear.

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If there was a game though this is the one. Honestly one of the best games I have ever played.

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