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I agree. I was captivated by it. The story, the tone, and the peaceful aspect of fishing was enjoyable to me.

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Yeah, I'd say I've played 15 hours and still only 50% but I love taking my time with the side missions. I'm sure I could blaze through it if I wanted but I'm seriously enjoying it and taking time to get better at the swinging and fighting crime.

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Yeah according to Gaming bolt but I'd rather take Digital Foundry's opinion on the graphics/tech, which is phenomenal.

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And while developers are at it they should make Mario Odyssey a MOBA, Doom a point and click adventure, and Spiderman as a GWENT style card game because I'm an entitled little man....

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Just wait for Rapid Packed Math to hit the PS4 Pro... ;)

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XOX...O. Gossip Girl...

Okay, I'll see myself out! ;)

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I agree. I'm liking it but the first two hours were kinda embarrassing. Bugs happen but I saw constant texture flickering, bizarre animations and the dialogue was very thin. I think it needed 4-6 months of polishing and I would of given it at least a 8/10

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Microsoft is always just one E3 away from greatness...

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No silly! It's called "Newest!..." ;)

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I don't mind one upgrade per generation but that's it! I'm not buying a new console every year. The only way that would be remotely possible if they went the monthly route that phones do so you can upgrade yearly.

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That's what you get when you keep yourself in an echo chamber. Same ideas, beliefs, etc. kill creativity and perpetuates mediocrity.

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Haha! I do that too.

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Yep! I love the feeling of not really wanting to fight three snapmaws but trying to figure a way to sneak past them.

Just a real fun game!

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Totally! They can call it Mass Erect! Bwahaha!

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I'll gamefly it and if I like it then I'll buy it but seeing the mixed reception doesn't give me the confidence to purchase just yet.

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Me too! I loved all the other mass effects! The universe they created was amazing. I would get lost reading all the logs about the worlds and alien races. A real shame.

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I know! I was in the same boat. I wish I could play every game but time is limited with work and family. I'm SO glad I went with Horizon!

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BUT! You can sex with aliens!... ;)

I feel once they started pushing the sex stuff more than other items that was a red flag to me that it might lack substance.

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Since the Switch has partnered with Nvidia and it's basically a shield, do you think we might get GeForce Now service on the switch?

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Yes! I can't stop switching (pun intended) between Horizon and Zelda! Both are amazing games.

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