PC gaming all the way!!


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Try most anticipated game of the last decade...

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I would so get this if I wasn't holding out for the KH3 one. But man the spiderman one looks so nice too.

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It is not about graphics right now as much as it is delivery those graphics at a very smooth method which makes for a great experience. What is 4K if it's at 30fps? What is 4K without HDR? Graphics and textures are nice to develop but in this day in age we hit a point where common technology like consoles cannot even push 4K tvs in the market adequately. Until we have consoles that can at least push 4K at 60 I wouldn't worry too much about hitting a wall. But wait, there's more! S...

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You know I loved persona 5 when I am actually considering giving this a try lol

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Eh, the texture debacle that happened on PC really discouraged me from getting this day one. I may go the route of AC origin and just wait for an insane sale.

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I beat her on give me a challenge and just used the legendary armor maxed from the mist challenge. I loved one of my runic attacks though which made all the difference. It slows down time while you aim and it staggers the queen/underlings on impact so it saved me from otherwise getting comboed with some BS.

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I am mostly a PC gamer and got the ps4 pro for KH and other interesting exclusives. I was already gonna get this but I heard Heavy Rain was good so I might give this one a shot!

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Yes sir!! Amazon just told me that the release date was updated :)

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PC and Ps4 gamer here and I personally don't think games that are available on PC should be considered exclusives. Maybe if they were in the MS store only but Cup Head for example is on steam.

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The thing about console 4K gaming is that it's bare minimum 4K gaming. There is more to making a game look pretty than resolution like MSAA, Anti A, occlusion, etc. Running 4K with minimum features on low is damn sure no where near as difficult as running 4K with all the bells and whistles beyond 60 FPS. Not all 4K experiences are made the same. So if you are looking for a console 4K experience...honestly it wouldn't be that expensive on PC. Rock 4K on low settings and boom! Console 4...

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Not gonna lie, game of thrones was boring. But Borderlands was awesome! The finger guns thing had me cracking up! It was a good story. Them not making a sequel is astonishing to me.

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Sounds to me like some people need their palaces destroyed...

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Overrated? Isn't it a B game? It's good but it's no Persona 5. It's like automata level. Idk where you get that it's overrated. Unless you think it's a C game in which case lay off the hard drugs.

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I got it on PC a few hours ago. I got the old school ronaldo version because I don't wanna see CR7's stupid face lol Barca fan here

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I got mine on PC and haven't even played it. I literally just made sure I bought it to strengthen the image of PC gaming to devs so more games get released on PC. I just beat persona 5 (another one that should come out on PC) and I am too tired to game for a while lol No Godly rig required but if we did have one (which I do) I can play it at 4K unlike inferior consoles. Oh yeah, breath of the wild too at 4K via emulator with smoother performance than the switch...keep talking smack lol

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This is just sad. Steam is a huge reason why PC gaming is thriving as much as it is. Now that PC gaming is finally getting the attention it deserves it's time to attack Valve? Screw that.

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Lets not pretend like there isn't a market for this. The PC master race is about getting the latest of the latest every year and we need early adopters to keep pushing innovation. Like obviously something better will always come, always. But some people want the best of the best now which is not a waste. It's just getting what you want when you want it.

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Does this include the handhelds or are they just talking home systems?

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PC hardcores? Lol No, it's the PC Master Race. Jesus, get it right. Lol I have a PS4 Pro and a 3DS along with my PC. I still consider myself a member of the PC Master Race. I also am contemplating getting a Switch. If they made a Switch Pro, I would get it in a heart beat. As a PC gamer, frame drops don't sit too well with me.

Now with that being said, I agree. There is no need to own an Xbox. If MS was smart, they would transform the xbox into their own version of...

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7, 8, and 9 please! The space scene with Rinoa was so sweet. I would not mind reliving that.

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