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There are reports of people who can't even login appearing on social media along with some saying that they managed to login but can't play any games that require online to play

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Timed exclusivity was a thing before Xbox existed

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They did and people on here criticized them over it and Sony deserve to also be criticized

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Any petition wanting a game for one console to be on another one is pathetic

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Sony could put some of their older games on Xbox like they do for PC

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Of course you are but only when it's on PS you mean

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It's not out on PS yet but is out on the other 2 so how is that hate for simply stating what it is currently on

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As @Einhander was talking about the first Hellblade game here is the relevant release info.
Hellblade was released for PS4 & Windows via digital channels on August 8 2017. Following the period of timed console exclusivity for the PS4 a version for the Xbox One, with enhanced graphical support on the Xbox One X was released on April 11 2018.
So I have to wonder if people on here are genuinely interested in facts or not and this info can be found quickly

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It was a timed PS exclusive when it launched in August 2017 and was on Xbox in April 2018

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I thought that the new series x digital is a replacement for the series s

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Because some people want to create a divide between gamers even if they play the same games

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But it's not a console by any stretch of the imagination it's a super duper handheld

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Runtime error after runtime error or when I finally manage to get on the articles are slow to load

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Incase you didn't see the name of the site that the article is from is called thexboxhub so naturally they will put Xbox first just like how PS sites put PS first

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Good to see that you completely missed his point and attacked him instead

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For the people that don't believe me Sony themselves announced that it is going to release in New Zealand and Australia on the 2nd of February 2024 as you can only pre-order it right now so as you don't believe me perhaps go look it up for yourself

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The fact that it's not going to be available here in New Zealand and Australia until early February

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What's he going to do sue them over it or something

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So the character that you play as goes around and kills children and he wonders why its not on Nintendo or Xbox consoles

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I don't know what people are disagreeing for as I'm asking along the lines of did Bungie inform Sony about what was going to happen or did they keep it to themselves

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