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What a useless list. Ofcourse Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be top. This includes hardware, accessories and subscription revenue the other publishers don’t have.

I thought it was going to be an actual list based on software sales.

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First got to disagree of Walking Dead criticism. While it carries the Walking Dead name, the game stories are pretty much original. Their Walking Dead season 1 made me feel way more than other games have done or even the walking dead TV show has!


I think the problem is they took on too many popular IPs and not all the games they have produced have been successful. They should concentrate on fewer IP and try to evolve the gameplay.

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Digital Foundry witnessed the Forza 6 tech demo at 4k ultra settings on the One X. Could the 1050ti do that?

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It's nonsense. Digital Foundry benched the Forza 6 tech demo on Scorpio and found the only card to outperform the One X in that test was the 1080. Terrible article.

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State of Decay 2 > Days Gone

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If a developer is targeting a PC release then they are more than likely mastering their game in true 4K. MS have made scorpio incredibly easy to port games to at their best visual fidelity. It doesn't matter if PS4 has the market share, as long as devs are looking at PC then most of the work is already done for Scorpio.

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Not true if PS4 Pro/PS4/XboxOne holds back the complexity of the game, Scorpio could have enough brute force processing to push the frame rate close to 60fps.

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Some people can't get past the animations and voice acting. Though I think we can all ask where were these judgements when Fallout 4 came out?

For me, once you get onto those planets and start getting around it really comes to life. I've just spent 6 hours on a jungle planet exploring Remnant Monoliths above and below ground while avoiding jungle predators and enemy scouting parties.

I have also run into very few bugs(Playing on Xbox One S, EA Acc...

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1. Mass Effect players didn't just think that, they were told that repeatedly by Bioware. How dare they call out a dev for making promises and claims they would fail to back up, huh?
2. Way to generalise all video games by saying they all send you down a predetermined path which is just plain wrong. It was actually Bioware's choice not to figure out a way to do it rather than it actually being impossible.

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The Refuse Ending. Everyone is dead. The people in Andromeda are the last of their species. Fin

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Don'y need a PS4 anymore though now...

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That's me. Still waiting

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Doubtful. Last couple of generations has seen the previous leader fall behind. PS3 didn't do as well as PS2, Wii-U didn't do as well as Wii, Xb1 hasn't done as well as 360. The more of your previous console you sell the more content your customer base is with what they have. Also it takes a solid 2-3 years before multiplats transition exclusively to the new gen so customers have less incentive. This is why Pro and Scorpio exist. Sony and MS want you to stay within their walls whil...

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Joke article as it references Deep Down...DEEP DOWN!!!

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Going to see any articles about For Honor as well?

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FYI, Xbox One is still out pacing Xbox 360 at the same point in it's life cycle.

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Imagine if it had had a DVD player...

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Been playing Resident Evil 7, candleman, dead rising 4, sea of thieves alpha, astroneer and looking forward to we happy few final release and Conan exiles.

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IGN made that suggestion about PS4. I would be surprised if the game wasn't at least a timed exclusive for Xbox considering how closely tied playground have been to Xbox. Turn 10 and Playground have worked together on the Forza engine.

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Same argument could be made for Pro?

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