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with all these 360 turds always telling people to "just accept it" when it comes to biased reviews??

desperate much?

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who thinks ATI makes ANYTHING better than NVidia is only showing their fanboy ignorance.

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of how M$ and their "we will outspend everyone mentality" is ruining the console industry. It's not about originality and creativity anymore, it's about bottomline. The 360 fanboys will tell you that this is how it should be cause of course it benefits their console and fuel for flaming PS3 owners. Very poor tradeoff for letting developers turn into accountants instead of being ARTISTS first and foremost.

You know theres another industry that let ACCOUNTANTS run it for a l...

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don't quit your day job kid, that was horrible

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is that why when these publishers PUBLISH their sales numbers it shows the PS3 making more money for them than the 360??

silly wabbit 360's are for kids.

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im a grown man and would not be caught dead buying a kiddie game, that's why I never had much interest in this title. In the long run im sure it will do really well once the PS3 comes down to more kid friendly prices.

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to our sense means accepting idiots like you who think the most powerful console this generation is garbage??

you xbots bring all the hate you get on yourselves.

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I thought it was the line I was in the other day, we had a big chain just going and someone said they would youtube it. gotta look for it.

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no it was more like:

"and satan gave me a boner this big to lick for doing his bidding"

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"come on baby give it to meeeee........KACHING!!"

just classic.

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you do realize that the only people who are talked about like that are junkies??

"one last fix mr gatessssssss, pleaseeee I'll suck yo ..........."

you know the rest.....LMAO

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is the funniest, "my harddrive is filled with crap" as in walks a bloated suit wearing

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it says that MAC can run MS office better than windows can.

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and EASILY clocked like 4 hours right off the bat, Im surprised by the number of women in there.

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"A chip stays the same temperature when it's overloaded as when it's virtually idle"

THIS is why you ignore 360 fanboys when it comes to technology.

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just how utterly moronic xbots are, M$ had to as we like to say in the business "drop it's pants" to even start outselling the PS3 IN SOME TERRITORIES. Anyone who thinks M$ is still making money from this is a FVCKIN IDIOT if I ever saw one. It's obvious that M$ has decided to take the losses now and get it back later from their userbase with DLC, subscription increases, more expensive games, points, etc.

If any xbot thinks M$ will eat the cost of these consoles in the ...

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not so funny when the shoe is on the other foot huh xb1tches? All of a sudden it's "sony limiting consumer choice", YOU PEOPLE ARE A JOKE, if you think Sony would keep taking your fanboy crap forever.

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if you think M$ can sustain more damage to it's already tattered windows vista sales.

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"really hate Sony for this, honestly now. They gone and spoilt Netflix a little, I was looking forward to watching the Drunken Master, The Karate Kid trilogy and Bad Boys 2 at launch. WTF SONY. WHY.

That's the epitome of a b*tch move come on."

funny you say that dude because THIS ENTIRE GEN HAS BEEN ONE BIG B1TCH MOVE BY MICROSOFT. They've been playing dirty all along, and now that Sony is finally giving them the finger with their intellectual property (som...

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