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this score is so transparent lol...SOME people are abusing the "everyone has a right to their opinion" social construct and we all know it

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people are abusing the "everyone has a right to their opinion" social construct and we all know it.

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not a deal breaker but nintendo is not doing themselves any favors. i can deal with this as long as the wwe networks app finally comes to nintendo

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i dont understand this decision...maybe they decided to use an app to help keep young children from the inevitable crazy language game chatting comes with...either way i think we all are overreacting because most people are within arms reach of a phone or tablet at all times

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i called it....VR is the new motion gaming shovelware...you idiots will buy pspro to play shoehorned experiences...they cant even consistently develop games at 1080p 60 frames but yall want VR? LOL

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so playing a game 6 months to a year late is equal to playing a game 10 years later? interesting logic bro....i cant wait to see how dope overwatch or the division will be 10 years from now...oh wait

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pretty sure you used hypocrisy wrong here....but anyway my point is simple why waste harddrive space and money when you can wait 6 months to a year and get all the content on disc

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this is why preordering games is dumb...i always wait for these definitive editions aka the whole game. sure i might not play a game for a while after everyone else but ill always have harddrive space on my console and i got all the content even the stuff i usually dont buy like skins for a cheaper price than season pass buyers

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you social justice weirdos stay away from peach...stop trying to change preexisting characters and just create new characters to fit your trash agenda

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im not even a graphics guy but legit 1080 p with 60 fps is the obvious choice here....most people dont even have 4k tvs...theres quite a few people who still dont have 1080p tvs...i just dont see the benefits of gaming companies jumping on the 4k craze when 4k tvs still arent a mainstream high demand product and honestly they may never be a high demand product

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the gaming industry is so wack now devs are doing announcements of announcements

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how is this legal? out of respect for nintendo microsoft should remove this

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i dont think it will be delayed....nintendo always does things like this...to me theyre trying to sell the last bit of wiiu n 3ds stuff...the nx unveiling might undercut the sales for the holiday...i wouldnt be shocked if nintendo waited til early jan to hold a nx direct

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sure seems that way most of the time

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is that a fact? explain the idiots who buy 1000 dollar tvs and 1000 iphones every year....console gaming is the casual market and they will buy whatever is hyped as the system with the best graphics

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this is only half true...modern gamers are idiots who buy anything....remember this is the "$40 season pass" era...whatever price scorpio ends up being folks will buy because graphics and resolution and frames per second derp

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i cant believe sony is trying to pull off this BS....nintendo would be destroyed from all angles if they tried this crap

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the artstyle is so good man...i wish nintendo would do other franchises in this exact style...paper zelda, paper pokemon, paper kirby....paper kid icarus as a action rpg would be so good

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i want the gaming industry to adopt the short console cycle...the truth is no matter what at this point new hardware is not going to impress us the way the console leap from ps1 to ps2 to ps3 did...once when got to HD that easily noticiable jump died...now its all minor petty stuff that people hype up as a big deal...since thats the case the gaming industry needs to go to either upgradable consoles or console releases every 2-3 years....we do it with $500-800 cellphones every year or atleast ...

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wait folks actually want a ps4pro? yuck

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