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You guys realise it's been stated MS require xbl to be like the network incharge if you will on any cross play games.... I expect this is a major point of contention and rightly so.

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Tbf it's definitely better than Nintendo's network and almost certainly more secure lol

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There is story dlc planned, two or 3 pieces.

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MARVEL games, Marvel films and MARVEL comics are all totally separate. So a deal over the movie is unlikely to have been part of a deal for the games just as son pictures does it's own thing independent to the SCEI business.

If Sony now have rights to Spiderman in video game form then no other titles using spiderman can release without their permission? So part of the deal must have allowed the already in development marvel vs capcom stuff. But if you wanted Spidey i...

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And yet Netflix have exclusive rights to most of their tv shows to make and 'air' them whilst amazon has the rights for airing cloak and dagger..... hmmmm seems to me the idea of putting their ip into a more restricted market in terms of numbers of consumers isn't actually an alien one....

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sony own the lions share of the market everywhere but the usa where its almost a 50:50 split. So globally speaking sony represents the largest install base console wise -consistently each gen. 4 Console generations in a row they've had the fastest selling console globally. (yeah 360 and ps3 did similar figures but ps3 was out for a year/year and a half less. So it's not implausible they could get a crack at other IP linked into this spiderman universe if Marvel thought that was the be...

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I agree, it seems like a no brainer tbh....

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Well we know Norman ozborne is mayor sooo.... And Harry ozborne will be in it there's room for a bunch of side quests kraven the hunter was a favorite of developers in the past as was black cat turning up as almost an ally but not quite. There are other side villains they could add.

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They could have added the go style capture of wild pokemon without removing the wild pokemon battles....

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Simply put if he'd played the beta of the second and paid attention he'd see it does appear that they have changed the stuff people complained about. I won't be picking it up day one just because uni means I won't have time to play it but come Xmas holidays...

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Is this ever gonna actually release?

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bit soon, it came out march for all we know it could peak early next year and it's sales taper off.... I mean I don't think it will but not the point.

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@kydrice: if you changed the sentences and wrote them yourself then you didn't copy..... Like take university work. If we all worked and did a set of problems together and wrote our answers together the same -that'd be plagiarism. If we work together then go off and write our answers we intend to submit up ourselves in our own words/ own style then that's collaboration because we haven't produced the same work we aren't copying. This isn't a clone of PUBG so there'...

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nah currently there are windows store versions of pc games that can't crossplay with steam lol

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Well we've had crossplay with pc players on steam for literally years on a range of titles so.... Switch has also been proposed so really I don't see ps4 players losing out....

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@thekinghtofnights: Sony secured Destiny 1 at launch of ps4 though before we even new how the consoles were going to sell. Also notice Sony has crossplay with many steam titles even in future. The ever so open xbox live currently has windows store versions of pc games that can't crossplay with steam.... It also lends some credence to sony's claim about security concerns clearly there is a difference between steams security and servers and setup than there is with xbox live. That or MS...

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Well apparently ToS for licensing Unreal Engine is that Epic can use your creation in any promotional /advertising materials for any of their products so..... that's not gonna fly either.

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@leeroythe3rd see if the one x was a next gen console then I could understand it's price but as a mid gen upgrade (because that's what it is) no it's overpriced.

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Not really the iphone is simply over priced....

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I mean having played it I'd say destiny 2 is what destiny one should have been. The first is more a "what works well" test. As for enemies in levels you dint really notice tbh the gameplay is so fun and AI smart and dynamic enough that each encounter will play out quite didferently only the terrain/objective will remain the same.

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