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not really you pay for the stadia service which is being able to play remotely without a pc so to say.
Then you need to pay to play the games on the service stadia is providing.
The difference with movies and such i guess is that you got no way to play this offline.
Since all computing power is server-side. So you buy the game you can play it but if stadia shutsdown you got no way to play it offline.

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man, this article...
If you're constantly on the go, the switch wins by default everytime. Since it's the only device u can get the game on and is portable... so yea you need to wait till 2020 prolly to do that.

Also no further reasons given for not playing it now on any other device than the switch.
if you want the game so much you will buy it now, since it's the game u wanna play now.
If you don't got the time at home before prol...

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Well this is pretty shitty when you want to just curse at ur friends and such in more private games.
But i guess a machine can't learn that stuff, since he got no idea if we're friends.

If it can't, gtfo with that AI, rather have retards spewing shit all game in chat than being censored.
Always liked those hatefull conversations trying to make them mad, or just acting along with it to see how retarded they really are, if not just some shitty tr...

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xD wow, they should just limit the max u can spend on it, hell just make it a law. Nothing fun about spending over 150.000 dollars on a f2p-game.
this is tbh bit beyond my comprehension, bit sad also that they could use bots to find the weak minded players (whales) and target them individually with personal deals...

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not really, i would say it's more understanding or considering for all the victims to make it political, yes the families struck by these events should be left alone.Though in my eyes trying to make an appeal to politicians to change something about either the mental health system or gun control is just common sense, atleast if u want something like this to never happen again or atleast minimize the risk of it happening again.

If someone of my family got shot by some gu...

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my friends joycons couldn't connect at the same time when apart from the switch, so we couldn't play together. He bought a new set but that set also didn't connect properly when not detached. He then did 1 of the old set and 1 of the new set and that worked lmao.

really hope he was just unlucky, cause that is some BS.
even though it seems like that was more a switch problem then the joycon's tbh ^^.

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you forgot the hypocritical part imo.

"He pointed out that the concept art for the character Dizzy from Gears 2 was shown with a cigarette. But in the final game, the character doesn't smoke. That's because Fergusson stepped in and "stopped it."

i mean this is censorship....
and yea if it was allready removed in Gears 2 no shit u won't see it the games after it xD
i get his personal crusade against smoking, and...

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1. the activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes.
2. the act or practice of risking the loss of something important by taking a chance or acting recklessly:

romove her please, she doesn't even know what that the word gambling means...

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it's not the problem that they make money but how they make it...
and yea i hate on them cause of that just like i hate on other practices i disagree with.
It's just common sense.

I mean you're also hating on people who are hating on EA, guess we're not so different after all ;)

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yea but the article says it's just a button nothing special just pressing it gives input, so wtf is it so highly priced?
man you can buy shitty buttons for like 5 dollars...

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damn they have some good lawyers and the point of it being a suprise mechanic is a solid one.

But saying it is ethical is pure garbage. Nothing is ethical in trying to get people to spend more than needed for a randomized chance of getting something they want. Prime example is a casino.
But tbh atleast the casino is also taking some risks, cause when a costumer is lucky they need to pay the money you won.

Lootboxes, hachimals, all card collecting...

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lel, if they do that it has nothing to do with lootboxes, but more about EA being EA.
gaming did fine before and they will do fine regardless. This is just like an atm that gives u free money.
it's sucks when it's gone but you didn't need it anyway.

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yea true, but seriously this headline is just bait. I mean they allready call it a fiasco just because people's memory of vanilla isn't accurate? That logic xD

guess they don't know the correct word to use, cause a fiasco is something that is a complete failure.
This is just people wrongly remembering things as factual, and blizzard just made a list of like nope that's not how it was.

i mean it's just educating people. memor...

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thougth it was intentional to not add human npc's. i mean they really don't try hide it anymore that they released a half completed game and just made some story up to make it seem intentional.

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Co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang had this to say, following the publication of the report:

NVIDIA is back on an upward trajectory. We've returned to growth in gaming, with nearly 100 new GeForce Max-Q laptops shipping. And NVIDIA RTX has gained broad industry support, making ray tracing the standard for next-generation gaming.

While Huang mentions the company's popular line of graphics cards, some industry analysts are reading between the lines a...

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it's not morally warrented for these companies to use these unethical practices.

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well like trevor noah said on the daily show, it's choosing between a bully that takes ur lunchmoney and beats you and a bully that only takes ur money xD (not exact words). I do agree though, even though i hate season passes with a passion too.

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... you need better reading skills...
like the title gives away why can the xbox one x be 500 dollars and the ps5 can't....
they arguments are purely suggestive with nothing to back that for instance they talk about microsoft going beyond generations so people don't feel pressure about upgrading to the new console... lmao man people flip out when something new and better comes their way. everyone wants the best console if they can afford it.

they a...

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damn didn't knew i was shit :(
well atleast it settles one thing and i didn't even think it was possible.
Activision got even more retarded.
this is making a mockery of scientific research and a gaming company that big should not even think on releasing this shit, but they release everything no matter how shit. So it suits them perfectly i guess :D

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well cereal doesn't ask f*cking 80 dollar a box, or do they ???.
I do agree that the devs have nothing to do with this, but as far as i have seen non attacked them in these comments. So that statement is irrelevant and random.
+ you buy cereal for the cereal the rest is bonus.
I mean if it was a special edition cereal for 80 dollars and it was the same box but only with different front, yea i would be f*cking pissed.

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